President Barrack Obama’s Campaign Ideologies

Introduction This month’s elections in the United Sates, hoping the current disasters will be resolved, will be based on issues and policies that the candidates have. The election involves the typical American parties Democratic Party and the Republican Party and other minor candidates. The significance of these elections is immense, as the entire world would […]

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Obama’s Stimulus Plan: A Macroeconomic Analysis

Introduction The economic stimulus plan enacted a year ago has been viewed by some as a success; nevertheless other people view it as a total failure. The plan has been credited for stabilizing the economy from a great depression and the creation of approximately 2 million jobs. The success has been associated with the provisions […]

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Obama and Romney Speeches in the last General Elections

Introduction: The run to White House started month ago and from the many interested candidates, the battle was leveled to two main candidates. This follows after the Republicans settled on Mitt Romney to carry their party’s flag. The election battles between Republicans and Democrats already started months ago. The Massachusetts’ Republican governor, Mitt Romney and […]

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Barrack Obama vs

Summary Obama is the incumbent president of the United States on Democrat ticket and will defend the seat in the November 2012 elections against Mitt Romney; the Republican candidate. Romney is the Massachusetts governor. Romney and Obama have very divergent opinions on issues that affect the Americans and the world at large; for instance health, […]

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Barrack Obama Acceptance Speech

The main purpose of President Barak Obama, when delivering his speech in November 2008, was to pass his appreciation for being nominated for presidency. In terms of analysis, the audience addressed by President Barak Obama comprised mainly of the American citizens including the candidates who supported him through this journey of presidency. Moreover, the audience […]

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African American Rhetoric

Looking at cotemporary African American society through the prism of the popular press, and comparing the scenario with what obtained in the 50s and 60’s one would not help but observe an apparent disconnect between the two eras.

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