The student nurse role and the clinical skills

According to the NMC (2002), “as a registered nurse, midwife or health visitor, you must protect confidential information”. In this assignment confidentiality will be maintained by the use of pseudonyms. Various clinical skills are used in safe moving and handling these skills be discussed. The role of the student nurse is vitally important, as they […]

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The Training and Qualification of Nursery Nurses

Nursery workers, sometimes called nursery nurses, work with babies and young children from birth to five years in childcare settings. Nursery nurses make sure that the children under their care develop and learn in a safe and supportive environment. They must be committed to helping children thrive and get the best start in life. Need […]

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Role of Registered Nurse

Throughout this investigation I will be contrasting two different job roles, these roles being a Registered Nurse and a Domiciliary Care Worker. The reason for choosing these practitioners is that I believe this can help me further my interest in counselling. I believe a Registered Nurse can help me as the practitioner take into consideration […]

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The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a set of rules and regulations for a particular work place or organisation. The Code of Conduct for nurses is set by the Nursing and Midwifery Councils, which briefly states; as a registered nurse you are personally responsible for actions and mistakes in your practice you must always be able […]

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Roles of the Nurse

There are different settings in the hospital that are faced by the nurses each day as they carry out their tasks. In these different setting, it is seen that there are three different roles that are taken by the nurse, which includes being a manager of care, a provider of care, and a member within […]

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Roles Nurses Play

The resilience of a patient or client refers to the capacity to withstand factors, called stressors, which can cause stress and not manifest psychological dysfunction such as mental illness or a negative attitude. These stressors are the experiences of the patient such as illness, sexual or physical abuse, violence, and experience about someone’s death (Neill, […]

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Role of Nurse Educators

Nurse educators incorporate clinical skills together with passion for entering into richly rewarding careers. The nursing professionals usually have their working place within the classroom and the practice setting, and are charged with the responsibility of preparing and mentoring students or nurses. They offer a very significant role of strengthening the nursing profession, while at […]

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Do-Not-Resuscitate or DNR order is an important decision to make, may it be for the physician, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This is an important step in the end-of-life care where the degree of aggressiveness in care is decided. Modern medical therapy is technically so superb that in the case of a hospitalized patient, modern […]

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Social and Economic problems encountered by nurses in their profession

Provision of quality health care becomes complex when nurses encounter difficult ethical issues in patient care, limited respect of their work and no one to represent them in the political arena. Nurses have been relegated to a lower social-economic status than other professionals. In nursing literature 1980, featured was how powerless they were to shape […]

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Latino nurse

Addressing the needs of fellow Latinos in terms of medical care can be both gratifying and taxing at the same time. It takes dedication, experience and compassion to successfully do these. Being a Registered Latino Nurse, I have the characteristics and attitude to fully do all these. As communication is often a problem in caring […]

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