Northern Ireland

Does Northern Ireland need some kind of truth recovery process to ensure the protection of human rights

The fact that such hatred existed for so long during the protracted conflict within Northern Ireland between 1969 and 1998, has meant that the legacy created continues to present a substantial obstacle to the political progress of this post–conflict society. For a long time there were victims from both communities who felt outraged at the […]

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Previous attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland have failed

In 1967 the Civil Rights Association was formed by a group of Ulster Catholics. The Civil Rights Association wanted fairer conditions for Catholics in Ulster. They wanted fairer elections and a fairer system for allocating Council Houses. To do this they organised protest marches, as a legitimate and non-violent way of protest. However, by summer […]

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Why were British troops sent into Northern Ireland in 1969

In this essay, I will be analyzing all the causes, which may have triggered the British troops to come into Ireland and help keep order between the Catholics and the Protestants. I will be discussing the long-term causes, the short-term causes and the trigger causes until I come to a decision as to why British […]

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How did protestant politicians explain the social and economic

The Political views of Northern Ireland are split; this ‘Division amongst Unionists’ (Ironic?) have made many controversial arguments. There are two types of protestant politicians, there are the peaceful and democratic moderates like O’Neill who only see Catholics, as problems to public order and peace and who think the Protestant people of Northern Ireland should […]

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Why did violence erupt in Northern Ireland in October 1968

English involvement can be traced back to the Norman English invading in the 12th century. Although there was some conflict by 1500 nearly all the people in Ireland shared a common culture, spoke the same language (Gaelic) and were all Catholics. During the reformation in the 16th century England became a protestant country while Ireland […]

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Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland 1972

The long term causes all started at the end of the 15th century when queen Elizabeth 1st confiscated land off the Catholics and gave it to the Protestants. This was a policy known as plantation and continued to happen for many monarchs after her reign. This caused great resentment in Ireland. The problems continued and […]

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Previous attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland have failed

The current situation in Ireland is one of hostility, although there is a form of agreed peace. The Provisional IRA is in ceasefire, but some dissident Republican groups are continuing the violence. The Good Friday Agreement is the active peace initiative at present, but there are still many problems Irish Republicans and Unionist have to […]

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What are the chances of peace in Northern Ireland

The Unionists and Nationalists believe in two different things when it comes to whether Northern Ireland should belong to the UK or not. The Unionists are the people who live in Northern Ireland. They are protestant and want to remain part of the UK. The Unionists are a peaceful democratic party who discus their views […]

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History Northern Ireland

1) Describe the disadvantages faced by Catholics in Northern Ireland in the mid-1960’s. During the mid-sixties Catholics in Northern Ireland were subjected to extremely turbulent times. They were discriminated against, by Protestants, in three main ways socially, economically and politically. For Catholics to get into a university in Northern Ireland was incredibly arduous as they […]

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Two main groups of people in Northern Ireland

1. There are two main groups of people in Northern Ireland, both who have different beliefs, they are the republicans/nationalists and the loyalists/unionists. The republicans/nationalists are mostly Catholics, they want Ireland to be united and they want to be independent from the United Kingdom. The loyalists/unionists are mostly Protestants, they want to remain loyal to […]

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