North Korea

Generations of totalitarianism in North Korea

The following task is a magazine editorial based on a concerning global issue. This editorial is to be published in a current affairs magazine (Time, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, The Economist) and it is focused towards an adult audience concerned with the threat of totalitarianism. Working on the subjects of an all-powerful state as shown in […]

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Rise of Elite’s Defection in North Korea

Throughout the history, defection has always been with people for the reason of the difference of religion, ideologies, and political belief. [1] Knowing why defection occurs and what makes defection happen is a key point to getting a sense of understanding of political issues in those countries that you’re interested in. In many Eastern European […]

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Christine Ahn’s views and LINKS views regarding North Korean agriculture

Christine Ahn is an Activist and specialist in North Korea while LINKS is also a humanitarian organization, which focuses on helping the North Koreans getting out of their current ordeal. Christian Ahn has clearly expressed her strong dissatisfaction on the current attitude of the United States and her western allies regarding the aid program of […]

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Nuclear Issue in North Korea

On Oct 9th, 2006, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, successfully conducted an underground nuclear test. According to a report by Jeff Bliss, “On Oct 16th, US confirmed that radioactivity found in air samples has verified North Korea’s claims that it conducted an underground nuclear test on Oct. 9, according […]

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Comparative Essay to North Korea

A Big Brother society seeks to control the hearts and minds of its citizen in order for many to be subject to the few. Three particular methods this society employs has no other purpose than to control how people think and behave: propaganda, censorship, and surveillance. Totalitarian states have employed these methods effectively in the […]

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