Analyse and explain how Nike manage their customer relationships

Nike was originally established in 1962, when a track and field coach (Bill Bowerman) and one of his students (Phil Knight) from the University of Oregon formed a partnership, where they came up with the idea of bringing low priced, high tech athletic shoes from Japan to dislodge German domination of the United States athletic […]

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Nike – Company Profile

We have chosen to write about Nike. First of all we are going to make a company description of Nike and write about their history, and then we would like to make a swot analysis, wherein we are going to write about the company’s strengths, weaknesses, their opportunities and their threats. Then we will write […]

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Nike And Its Impact On Society

The well known brand – Nike experienced remarkable escalation between the period of 1970s and by the end of the late 1990s, thereby taking control of the consumer market as a global footwear and attire market competitor. Moreover, the most important factor that contributed to its success is the use of low cost labor by […]

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Nike VS Adidas

Who Am I? Nike is a multinational corporation that is engaged in design, development and worldwide marketing. Nike also merchandises footwear, apparel, equipment,and accessories. Nike is the worlds leading supplier for athletes footwear and apparel, the company was founded in January 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports owned by Bill Bowerman and Phil knight. It was […]

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Nike’s – College Essay

1. Discuss the challenges regarding corporate social responsibility that companies in the apparel industry face in its supply chains around the world? A corporation’s supply chain may be defined as the series of companies including suppliers, customers and logistics providers that work together to deliver a value package of goods and services to the end […]

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Converse Analysis

Company Perspectives: The Company’s marketing strategy is targeted on the Converse All Star brand, which is positioned as the American performance brand with authentic sports heritage. The company believes that there are significant opportunities to build the brand, which commands high consumer awareness generated by reason of its 95-year history. The company’s consumer research has […]

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Nike Case – College Essay

1. Write a brief synopsis of the Nike case. In the 1990’s, Nike, a well-known shoe company, came under intense fire for claims of labor issues stemming from wages to working conditions to child exploitation. Years of bad publicity plagued the company, including bouts with the media and even celebrities. Nike’s initial response was to […]

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Nike supply chain

The supply chain plays a critical role in the transformation and global growth of a company especially in the current economic situation. The global supply chain is the transformation flow linking the raw materials, parts suppliers, manufacturers, and service support operations into products and services and distributing these products locally for consumers (Chase, 2005). According […]

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