New York

New York – College Essay

Word Count: 530 CITY New York is probably one of the most interesting cities in the world. It has something to offer to everybody. If you are looking for culture you make the right choice visiting one of the hundreds great museums in the city. If you want night-life: you are probably right in one […]

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Escape From New York

In the opening sequence of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, an anonymous narrator sets the tone of desperation and hopelessness with the line “once you go in, you never come out.” The narrator is referring to the only rule in the maximum security prison built on Manhattan Island. The prison, which was built in […]

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The horrific attack on New York

It was a sunny and cloudy day and everything seemed normal in New York. New York is an extremely busy and exciting city with huge grey buildings and full of high street shops. The thousands of luminous lights in the shop windows glow like balls of fire and the flashing casino’s are as hectic as […]

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Rural and Urban Population differences in New York

New York is a State in the United States of America which was first settled in 1625 and the population has continued to grow very fast and it is now the most populous city in the United States. Going by 2006 estimates, the state has a population capacity of approximately 19 million. Of these, the […]

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Dry Manhattan: Prohibition in New York City

Dry Manhattan gives an overview of Prohibition’s rise and fall in New York, predominately in the City. The relationship of this reform to the broader spirit of the Progressive Generation can be argued in two ways. Resistance to prohibition can be considered progressive behavior or it was a signal that the progressive spirit had died. […]

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New York City

How many times have we traveled to New York or any other city and compared its sights and sounds to our own cities past and present history? If I had to guess, I would say countless. If anyone has ever been or is planning to travel to New York, the first eye sore that you’ll […]

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My Life Changing Experience

The most life changing experience that I have come across during my seventeen years of life has to be about the time I had my first trip to New York City. This trip was the most significant in my life because it was my first time out of state, on an airplane, and not with […]

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When Children Raised Their Voice in Protest

Child labor was a major issue in our nation’s history, from its founding through the early decades of the twentieth century. In 1900, United States census records counted at least 1. 75 million children who were “gainful workers,” (that is, worked for pay), comprising six percent of the nation’s workforce. (Many others may not have […]

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Press Release

Sagewood Construction Announces Partnership with Habitat for Humanity to Improve New Yorkers Housing After Sandy. A new partnership between Sagewood Construction and the nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity will provide financial, materials and field expertise support to New York City houses affected by super storm Sandy. Families who lost their homes stand to gain relief […]

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The Waging War Against Obesity

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has pledged that one of the goals of his administration is to make the public aware of the problem of Obesity, which affects the health of large numbers of citizens. The Medical community largely supports his efforts. One of his strategies has been to encourage restaurants and the public […]

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Auditory Integration Training method

This study on the efficacy of the Auditory Integration Training method (AIT) will involve a total of 50 participants, 36 of whom will perform the AIT exercises and 14 of whom will form the control group. These participants will be chosen to fit the following criteria: All will be children who have received a diagnosis […]

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The 2 different media that I have selected include newspaper and magazine namely the New York Times and Time Magazine

The AT & T advertisement on the Time Magazine offers a chance to win a Flat Panel TV through a sweepstake program, in case the individual signs up for a text alert service.  Although, the advertisement seems to be appealing to a section of the audience, I do not think it is a good advertisement […]

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Aids in the United States

Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome also known as AIDS is a widespread disease whose origins remain unbeknownst to man even in this generation of ultimate medical innovation and discovery.

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