New York City

Stuck in a Walk-Up, Only Steps Away From Life

Continuous increase in the population of New York City has resulted to the constant rise in the demand for affordable housing. More and more people have tried to seek good fortune in this global city. And many have hardly kept up with the ever-increasing housing cost. The elderly people are among those who have tried […]

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New City, New Frontier: The Lower East Side as Wild, Wild West

Neil Smith’s article, “New City, New Frontier: The Lower East Side as Wild, Wild West” discusses the core of what may be characterized as the revitalization of the urban frontier in New York City, with a detailed and intricate exposition and emphasis on the very concepts of the frontier myth and the process of gentrification. […]

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Washington Roebling was an inspiring person. An inspiring person is a person who sets positive examples that could affect a better change in someone’s life. Washington was an inspiring person because he was a person with great vision, great determination and persistent to his job. Washington was a person with great vision. A person with […]

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