Are Social Networks Messing with your Head

According to David Disalvo the writer of the article Are Social Networks Messing with your Head?, asserts thatvital privacy concerns are violated by online interactions and use social networks. Disalvo dismisses the millions of jobs attributed to Steve and online websites like Facebook, MySpace and Linkedln. The author emphasizes that loneliness is the main psychological […]

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Social Networks

Examine Facebook, another social media forum, or another internet gathering place, or another technological phenomenon that duplicates and impacts social interaction. Explain various aspects of participation in that community/technology via Hobbes, Benedict, Gladwell, and/or Gandhi.Affiliation networks are certainly not new – indeed, this terminology is prevalent in sociology, and a fundamental1974 paper, it appears to […]

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Security in Computer Networks

Assuming each of the N people has his/her own Computer; n (n-1) numbers of keys are required to ensure a secure communication between the people in the organization. This is because each computer requires a secret key that it uses to encrypt a packet of information before it is sent over the network to the […]

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Reconfiguring the Networks

Introduction Routing is the process by which there is movement of data from one network to the other. The hosts do not necessarily need to be transferred as they have the ability to communicate among themselves. Route protocol is the process by which data is moved from one point to other using networks. There are […]

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Sensor Networks

A) The technology of sensor networks has been tested and used for several areas in the food industry such as production, processing and distribution. It has been proven to be effective, however due to its utilization of new technology; it comes at a high price. There is no doubt the use of such technology would […]

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The Importance of Network Security

Networks are very vulnerable to many types of attacks. These can be mitigated but not prevented and it’s different for every single company. Network Security must have a specific goal for the enterprise that must be achieved. If your database contains thousands of credit card numbers, then authenticating and authorizing access to protected servers and […]

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