Logical and physical network design

Ethical Issues The purpose of this paper is to discuss the ethics statement of the business for which I work, and includes examples of ethical behavior. The paper will cover the success and/or failures of the ethical statement purpose, how the statement contributes to the work environment, and the consequences of the failure to observe […]

Telecommunications ; Networking Report

1. 23-Sep-99: “Free Web Services Challenge AOL’s Dominance” – Internet business analysts generally are not yet convinced of the viability of the free web service business model for bring profitable. None-the-less, most agree that the free access will probably take a significant chunk of AOL’s market share before running out of investor’s money. 2. 23-Sep-99: […]

Are Social Networks Messing with your Head

According to David Disalvo the writer of the article Are Social Networks Messing with your Head?, asserts thatvital privacy concerns are violated by online interactions and use social networks. Disalvo dismisses the millions of jobs attributed to Steve and online websites like Facebook, MySpace and Linkedln. The author emphasizes that loneliness is the main psychological […]

Windows Server Networking

Three important points about Active Directory ? How do they affect Windows Networking? Active Directory entails the creation of access potential of data on a network through utilization of a hierarchical system or structure that essentially formulates leaf nodes. In addition, an Active Directory system enables millions of objects being stored in system to be […]

Wide Area Network

Frame relay is one of the industry standards that utilize packet switching method in a Wide Area Network to specify the Physical and Logical Link Layers of the digitized communication. In Frame Relay, is most preferred in the modern telecommunication and can be used to transmit voice and is implemented as VoFR or Frame Relay […]

Social Networks

Examine Facebook, another social media forum, or another internet gathering place, or another technological phenomenon that duplicates and impacts social interaction. Explain various aspects of participation in that community/technology via Hobbes, Benedict, Gladwell, and/or Gandhi.Affiliation networks are certainly not new – indeed, this terminology is prevalent in sociology, and a fundamental1974 paper, it appears to […]

Security in Computer Networks

Assuming each of the N people has his/her own Computer; n (n-1) numbers of keys are required to ensure a secure communication between the people in the organization. This is because each computer requires a secret key that it uses to encrypt a packet of information before it is sent over the network to the […]

Securing the Network Infrastructure

Segmenting a NetworkNetwork infrastructure needs to be protected from attacks that are mostly launched by hackers; one of the best security measures is the use of network segments. A network segment is part of a computer network that is separated from the rest of the network by a device such as a repeater, hub, bridge, […]

Reconfiguring the Networks

Introduction Routing is the process by which there is movement of data from one network to the other. The hosts do not necessarily need to be transferred as they have the ability to communicate among themselves. Route protocol is the process by which data is moved from one point to other using networks. There are […]

Network Security Issue

Introduction Network security is an emerging trend and concern in the global world. The era of information technology is inevitable. With the upsurge of information systems and technology, the world according to (Stefan, 2009) is a now a global village. Gains from the advancement in technology have, however, come up with some costs. The rate […]

Local Area Network Design

Local Area Network (LAN) is a communication network that connects and sufficiently serves users located in a confined geographical area. The physical infrastructure is mainly composed of servers, a network operating system, work stations, and a communication link. Servers are high speed machines with a capability of holding complex programs and a centralized data location […]

Fundamentals of Networking Project

The initial stage of the network creation starts with the establishment of requirements and materials that would be needed. After the establishment of the requirements, proper budgeting will be done through the comparison of various material vendors in the market. Requirements Story surface area of 400ft by 100ft would require 400 workstations with 1 for […]

Computer Network Systems

In the modern world where technologies are improving significantly all the time, computer network systems are widely used to provide a connection between computers or networks. Using such networking systems, different companies or departments within one organization are able to keep easily in touch on a regular basis, which makes their cooperation more effective and […]

Career Path Choice: Network Administrator or Computer Systems Administrator

Introduction Most students around the globe who have completed high school education and desire to pursue information technology careers find it difficult to select their courses. Most students and parents who are still new in information technology tertiary institutions worry about demands of job market as well as about rewards and security of careers of […]

Administering a Computer Network

This is a network management tutorial that teaches readers to administer their network. Individuals can use this tutorial to acquire knowledge that is vital for them to have an effective management of their networks system and more so, make sure it is secure and free from any external attacks. Clearly elaborated, the writers breaks down […]

Study Guide: Living in a Network-Centric World

Below are the four fundamental elements off network. Fill in the definition for each element. Element Definition Rule govern how the messages are sent, directed, received and interpreted Medium A meaner of interconnecting these devices – a medium that can transport the messages from one device to another Message The messages or units of information […]

Mobile Computing and Social Networking

Duane Businessperson Dry. Culvert Campus I CICS 500 – Information Systems for Decision Making 917/strategy university I l. Introduction. There are thousands of applications that have been developed for mobile devices which perform a myriad of tasks and processes. In the beginning most of these applications were games. Businesses later Joined the mobile revolution and […]

16 Mobile Devices and Social Networking Security Solution

Man Gain and Shills Meta 85 Mobile Devices and Social Networking Security Solution Abstract: Nowadays almost everyone is using smart phones. They are becoming an essential tool in human beings everyday life. They are not only used for mere communication such as calling or sending text messages; however, they are also used in applications such […]

On Aristotle’s Friendship and Social Network

Technology is changing the world in a fast pace. This is evident most especially in social networks. Due to the widespread and growing use of these new social media, especially social networking sites such as Faceable, researchers began to study its ethical implications. Social networking services or social networking sites are widespread in all parts […]

Network Coding Theory

A generic linear network code is considerably stronger than a linear multicast, a linear network code that can achieve the Max-flow bound in the weakest sense. The LLC algorithm has been refined for constructing a linear multicast: S. Jaggy, P. Sanders et al. , “Polynomial time algorithms for multicast network code construction,” submitted to IEEE […]

Data Communication Network

Instructor: Pasadena Sahara Introduction: Term: Four The course focuses on the term and practical orientation of Network Infrastructure and other software to enable students to apply the skills for Data Communication and knowledge to solve network problem in functional area of network management. Learning Objectives: The course will develop the skills to manage business telecommunication […]

The Social Network: Movie Analysis

Like every other entrepreneur, he used the three factors of production to expand his company. The land of his company would be the office space he had used to complete all his programming. This space had changed from dorm rooms to official office buildings. The labor of the company is all of his workers that […]

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