Strategy of Distribution

In 1998, Netflix invented the “prepaid two-way shipping envelope” in order to deliver their DVD’s to their customers (Pogue, 2005). In short, they are using mails in order to distribute their products towards their customers. The said inefficient and ‘low-tech’ distribution method of Netflix was then revolutionized with the aid of the internet. Now, a […]

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Psychographics helps marketers analyze and identify market segments. It helps in understanding the Attitudes, Interests and opinions of the identified segment. Most commonly used parameter for ad campaigns is demographics, using psychographics actually help marketers to have an edge over competition. It also helps marketers identify a particular profile within a segment based on attitudes […]

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Customer Analysis of Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of customers, “23 million” roughly from teenagers all the way to senior citizens (Knee J. A). The primary customers are the primary users, but one Netflix account isn’t jut automatically for one person it could be a family who uses it, or even a household of college kids. Being an […]

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Netflix Case Study

In short, this case briefly discussed Netflix’s overall business. It went into detail about market trends in viewing home movies, and the competitive intensity Netflix faces against Redbox and Blockbuster. It went into great detail about how Netflix’s shipping and returns system works as well as how they offer thousands of videos with streaming capabilities. […]

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Netflix Situation Analysis

There have been many changes in the ways people view movies. Since the invention of the VCR, people have been going to a store to rent the latest movie release or view a classic. Now with the advent of the Internet, people have many different media to view a movie. They can download from a […]

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