Nervous system

The body’s nervous system has three (3) main parts

BRAIN SPINAL CORD NERVES All three (3) of these parts work together to tell our bodies what to do. For example: The brain says, “Hey, I want to exercise!” So, it sends a message to the spinal cord, who then gives the message to the nerves, who then deliver the message to the rest of […]

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Multiple Sclerosis Informative Outline

Introduction 1. Attention Getter: Imagine trying to take casual walk on a brisk autumn evening and not being able to feel your legs. This is one of the many symptoms that people with multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, deal with every day. 2. Thesis: Multiple sclerosis brings daily challenges to whomever struggles with it, […]

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Hans Eysenck

Hans Eysenck’s biography and work is one of the most influential scientists in psychology history. With his work, he laid the bases for the scientific study not only on personality, but also on human behavior. Hans Eysenck, known for his defiant and reluctant views against the already grounded norms, is the most cited psychologist of […]

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Acquired Brain Injury NVQ

An Acquired Brain Injury is sudden onset of brain damage that was sustained after birth. Acquired Brain Injury is not hereditary, cognetial or a genetic disorder. Acquired Brain Injury can result in physical, cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes, the symptoms can vary dependant on the extent and the locality of the trauma. These changes may […]

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