Nazi Germany

Was the Nazi economic policy a success or failure

The economic situation in Germany in the early 1930’s was very grim. Unemployment was high (8. 5 million in1931) and businesses collapsed alongside consumer confidence. Peasants were also desperate as agricultural prices collapsed between 1929 and 1933. The domestic economy was very weak before the Wall Street Crash, already in 1928 3 million were unemployed, […]

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Saving Private Ryan Essay

Saving private Ryan was first released on September 11th 1998 and was directed by Steven Spielberg, a famous director widely known for his other outstanding films that prove for him to be great at his job. Some of these famous titles include Jaws(1975), E. T(1982), Jurassic Park(1993), Minority Report(2002) and many more. Saving Private Ryan […]

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Saving Private Ryan – Film

On the 6th of June 1945, hundreds of American troops stormed Omaha beach in northern France in an effort to Re-Invade France, which was currently occupied by Nazi forces. As the troops ascended the beach they were brutally slaughtered by nazi forces in a concrete machine gun placement. In 1998 Stephen Spielberg, director and producer […]

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The Threat of Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Weapons and Terrorism

Less than 18 pounds of plutonium or 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium are sufficient to make a nuclear bomb, and these materials circulate in civilian nuclear commerce by the ton. A study prepared for Nuclear Control Institute by five former U.S. nuclear weapons designers concluded that a sophisticated terrorist group would be capable of […]

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The role of women in Nazi Germany

If women were to play a crucial role, it was not in politics. Even Gertrude Scholtz-Klink, head of the women’s Bureau never had any real political power. The Nazi party was run by men who believed politics was not part of the women’s world. One of the first Nazi edicts was to ban women from […]

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How did Hitler become leader of the Nazi party

Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. By the time he was 18, both of his parents were dead and his dream of being an architect was dashed. Soon he moved to Vienna and worked as an artist while living in a hostel. When World War 1 started, Hitler joined the German army and was […]

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Why and how did antisemitism play such an important part

Ideological thinking is at least as old as the Ancient Greeks, and beyond the idea of a political doctrine. Ideology is a system of beliefs that portrays and validates a prefered political order for society, and offers an approach. The Nazis (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), for example, stressed the superiority of the Aryan race. […]

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Why Did Kristallnacht Take Place

On the 7th of November 1938 Ernst von Roth a Nazi official was shot dead by a polish Jew who was seeking revenge for the mistreatment of his parents. The events after this took place was called Kristallnacht. On the 9th November Jewish homes businesses and synagogues were attacked all over Germany. There was a […]

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How the Treaty of Versailles created problems for Germany between 1919-24

Germany’s problems created by the Treaty of Versailles began in 1918 when the American president Woodrill Wilson announced that Germany’s government must be made more democratic before they could even start talking about wars. He said that Kaiser Wilhelm must give up some of their power and that the Reichstag must have a greater share […]

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How the Nazis were able to control Germany in the year 1933-1939

Representations in history, are important because they allow us to analyse different accounts of events; some representations are primary sources and some are secondary. Either way, they are important due to them enabling us to conclude in history. In this case, representation 1 is a primary source which once belonged to Hitler’s Nazi party, it […]

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