Consider the proposition that Dr Iannis

‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ is ultimately a triangulated love story, about a woman, Pelagia, who is stranded between two men, Dr. Iannis and Captain Corelli. Dr. Iannis and Captain Corelli have completely different trajectories through the experience of war; however both are transformed by war. It might be argued that either of these two men are […]

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Jesus of Nazareth

The world has never been the same since the birth of one man, Jesus of Nazareth. Very little is known of Jesus’ earlier family existence, particularly of his parents, Mary and Joseph. Interestingly, only two of the four canonical Gospels recount Jesus’ family origins before he began his teachings. The Gospel of Mark, believed by […]

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Lawrence Norfolk In the Shape of a Boar

Asked about his novels, Lawrence Norfolk can give you either a very short answer or a very long one. While promoting the book last year Norfolk was quoted as having described his debut novel, Lempriere’s Dictionary, as “a 500-page book about a dead dictionary writer with no sex in it”. His second novel The Pope’s […]

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The role of the shaman: similarities and differences

Human societies, in different contexts and at different times, have produced a number of traditional healers whose roles and functions largely overlap. In this paper, drawing on various literature sources, I will argue that the role of the shaman or traditional healer bears striking similarities with that of helping professionals in the Western world, particularly […]

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The journey in Conrads Heart of Darkness enables him to frame his narrative

Conrad’s works had a diverse variety of subjects and settings owing to the direct consequence of his life as an explorer. According to G. Jean-Aubrey, Conrad’s work and life got amalgamated to a great extent and it is his journey to the Congo in 1890 which gave birth to the three major works including Heart […]

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Frankenstein Report

In Frankenstein the reader is faced with confused happenings concerning the quest for identity. The novel relies heavily on more than one literary genre to create this. Events in a realist novel are normally linear allowing the reader to identify both cause & effect. Regularly the story will be told through an omniscient narrator or […]

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Why Should One Study Ancient/Classical Greek And Roman Warfare

Ancient, Classical Greek and Roman warfare should be studied as warfare has always been a common part of life as it has always has been. To understand modern warfare and revolutions in military affairs or even the current political situations, a background in ancient warfare can help explain many factors as the connection is axiomatic […]

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Stephen King’s “Misery” and Fay Weldon’s “The Life and Loves of a She Devil”

The two novels, Stephen King’s “Misery” and Fay Weldon’s “The Life and Loves of a She Devil”, belong to the genres of horror and romance. The distinct style in which the novels are written are recognised by the reader by identifying the several familiar conventions of each of the genres. There are different classifications of […]

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What is gender

Gender and identity can be applied to many written texts, as a way of analysing or criticising it. Gender is often seen as images of women, images of men or images of the difference between the two. In literature as in society, women are often represented in different ways to men, despite the obvious dependency […]

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

The years preceding the American Civil War were rife with tensions between the South and the North. The abolitionist movement was gaining popularity, and slaveholders were being increasingly criticised. A number of slaves who had managed to escape their masters were writing autobiographies, denouncing the treatment to which they were submitted. One of them was […]

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