The Relationship between Love and Sex in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, love and sex are intertwined. Actually, they are one and the same thing. Most of the myths in Greece correlate with sexual intimacy (Davidson, 2009). The end of these myths is usually tragic with either death or separation of lovers (Dominican, 2010). Most of Greek myths are full of lust and strong […]

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Norse Gods Mythology

Viking gods of the Norse mythology had their roots in the Scandinavian prehistory, particularly during the Germanic-Iron Age that has come to be known as the Proto-Norse Age. The mythology flourished consequent to Christianization of the Scandinavians. This took place during the Vikings Age and that’s why Norse gods are today referred to as the […]

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Fact Vs Fiction

In this essay I’d like to explore the possibility of the existence of mythical creatures. In particular, I’d like to write about the elusive wild Haggis and its origins, and whether people can believe in the written and spoken word. The Wild Haggis is said to be a creature which belongs to the Scottish Highlands. […]

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How does the divine power play different roles in Agamemnon

The role of the divine power in the three plays changes evidently. First, in Agamemnon, Zeus’ divine power is shown clearly by the characters such as the chorus singing for his net (justice) and Clytemnestra praying to him for her right vengeance. Therefore, we can say Zeus’ will of justice is omnipresent and followed by […]

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Hessiod In Greek Mythology

In the Theogony, the initial state of the universe was said to be formless and contained nothing (Chaos). Chaos spontaneously gave birth to all other objects of existence, ultimately creating the cosmos. The significance of the fact that the Greeks believed the four powers Chaos, Gaia, Tartaros, and Eros came first was to portray the […]

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Selkie Girl and the Secret of Roan Inish: Similarities and Differences

Legends, myths, and folklore have always captured my attention. Whether they are about made-up, mystical creatures or even creatures turning into humans, I always seem to thoroughly enjoy the stories behind them. After reading the novel Selkie Girl and watching the movie Secret of Roan Inish, I started to draw some similarities and differences between […]

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Creation Myth

Myth still remains one of the major links that merges the different cultures and religions from various ethnicities. “The Creation of the Titans and the Gods”, as well as “The Creation, Death, and Rebirth of the Universe”, are among the many creation myths that highlight these combinations. Throughout history, myths have created various similarities and […]

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Hestia, Hephaestus, and Me

My Goddess match is Hestia. Her story is that she is the eldest daughter of the Titans Rhea and Chronos. Like the rest of his children, Chronos ate her upon her birth, but she was eventually regurgitated by him when Rhea tricked him into swallowing a stone rather than baby Zeus. Hestia stepped down from […]

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The Transition from Mythology to Philosophy

The transition from Mythology to Philosophy include events which brought the transitions, early philosophers, What kind of philosophical thought prevailed during the Middle Ages along with key Church philosopher of the later Middle Ages. It is also important to discuss myths and philosophers beliefs during transition. The middle, Pre-Socratic philosophers attempted to explain the world […]

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