The Myth of Race

The paper presents a review of the novel Darwin’s Athletes: How Sport has Damaged Black America and Preserved the Myth of Race by John Hoberman. It elucidates the overall effect and validity of written work with regards to the history of African Americans. In addition, it gives a brief summary of the plot and analyzes […]

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The Myth of American Exceptionalism

Howard Zinn in his lecture unveils the myth of American exceptionalism. Zinn reports the numerous circumstances, when American people of power (commonly, President Bush, McCarthy, Elijah Roots, etc.) believed that the USA were the “city upon a hill”, and that this ‘God chosen’ country should act in the way God Himself will guide it. Experience […]

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The Man, the Myth, the Legion

Introduction If there was only one man in American history that could not be forgotten, ignored, or respected, that one man would be Abraham Lincoln. The drastic impact of the profound history that one person could provide for ones country takes a kind of man like Lincoln. His life was all but to short, yet […]

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Comparative Myths

A myth story that is not real but bares a meaningful message within it. Its main purpose is to help humans understand themselves and the way the universe works around them, mainly through the use of heroic characters. Every culture around the world has their own mythical literature, which is influenced by the religion and […]

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Zahak, the Dragon King

This Iranian myth entitled: “Zahak, the Dragon King” taken from Firdawsi Shahnamehtell’s epic “The Book of Kings” tells us a story about the Persian throne. It begins with a summary of the situation; the ruler of Iran, Jamshid is a great leader who has brought numerous technological advancements, social structure, and health to the people […]

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