Muslim Integration and Hate Crimes

Muslims integration in the United States of America has gained increased attention in the recent past. Muslims in America have continued to enjoy remarkable growth over the years. Majority of the Muslims believe that the most of the American values are consistent with their own Islam values (Angenendt and Barret Et-al 75). Among these values […]

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Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act – Terrorism Protection and Fundamental Freedoms

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the Western World stood still. The death of thousands on American soil caused a ripple effect so wide the international community continues to experience the social, economic and political ramifications close to four years later. The ‘911’ attacks, led by a militant Islamist group (Al Qaeda), were the […]

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Charlie Hedbo Cartoons of the Prophet

As my topic of interest, I choose Charlie Hedbo cartoons of the Prophet. Charlie Hedbo was a French weekly magazines featuring cartoons, reports and jokes about terrorist attacks. It was targeted as a whole from two terrorist attacks. The magazine on the situation first appeared in 1970 and was originally banned, because it was a […]

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Intervention Against Prejudice

In August of 2007, attacks on Muslim establishments in Mississauga, Ontario raised fears that the community was being targeted. In a single month, there were a total of three attacks to the local mosque ranging from vandalism and property damage (Kassam, 2007). In addition to the incidents at the mosque, there has also been reported […]

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Sunni/Shia Conflict

I am a Shia Muslim. We are the true followers of the prophet Muhammad. Our conflict with the Sunni Muslims began at time of Muhammad’s death. It is our firm belief in obedience to the great prophet that we know we will prevail in the conflict. For nearly fifteen centuries we have held firm to […]

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The Muslim Empires

1. Which of the following was NOT one of the early modern Islamic empires? Ottoman, Abbasid, Gujarat, Mughal, Safavid. * Abbasid and Gujarat. 2. How were the three Muslim early modern empires similar? The largest of the three empires, the Ottoman, stretched at its peak in the 17th century from north Africa to southern Russia, […]

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Life By Nur Syaqiera Binti Mansor

Life is so precious and full of sweet memories as sweet as honey also bitter memories as bitter as bitter gourd. As life goes on things gonna be more complicated and we go through challenges of life. Moreover, as a Muslim’s life is to worship God instead of living for money. We had learnt something […]

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