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A motor unit is a motor neuron and the muscle fiber It controls. A whole muscle is made up of hundreds of motor units that are handled by different motor neurons that react at dfferent levels of stimulation. The electric shock acts as an action potential by changing the membrane permeability allowing the sodium and […]

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Muscle and Biceps

Today I am going to tell you a very important topic or atleast topic that most people would consider important in their own fitness program. And that is the question about how to build big and strong arms. It is not secret that virtually every lifter out there at the gym wants to build big […]

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How to Build Muscle

1. Develop a Technique Learn the proper way to do each exercise whether it is pushups or weight training. Developing a solid technique will maximize the workout and strengthen the muscles. Strength training is a method that should not be overlooked because it allows a person to start with minimal weight and add more weight […]

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