Mtv And It’s Affect On American History

MTV History In 1954, the release of “Rock around the clock”, known as the original white Rock n’ Roll song and becoming number one on the pop charts, marked a turning point in the history of popular music and it’s success in the future. In the late 70s, early 80s, Reagan was president, then Senator […]

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Reality TV

Reality television has become increasingly more popular and appears to be taking over the entertainment business. Psychologist Lawrence Rubin seems to think it all goes back to Aristotle, “The notion of being drawn to drama and tragedy”(Kinon, 2009). The viewer receives a false sense of “real life” and disconnects from their own “real life” by […]

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In dealing with strategic management it is the process that analyze any existing situation and strategic management process is a process that implies interrelated and sequential activities in which it may lead to some type of result such as; strategy implementation, situation analysis, strategy evaluation, and strategy formulation. What this is basically telling us that […]

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