Mozart Death

For the past two hundred years, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death has been shrouded in mystery. Some say his great rival, Antonio Salieri, or the Freemasons murdered him. Others say he was simply exhausted. And some believe he died from sickness. It has been established that Mozart suffered from various illnesses, which no doubt contributed to […]

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Mozart Effect

Although it is only in recent times that scientists have started to document the effects of music, the qualities of music were understood even in earliest times. Evidence suggests that dance and song preceded speech, which means that music is the original language of humans. Researcher’s have found that about two-thirds of the inner ear’s […]

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Mozart K.333 Analysis

Mozart’s K 333 Sonata in B-flat Major was composed in November 1783. It was written in Vienna while Mozart was there for a period. He wrote this in his “early phase” while he was in Vienna. This sonata was not really written into a group of sonatas, but could be grouped with the other nine […]

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Arguably the most creative musical genius of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart holds an unassailable position in the repertoires of concert musicians throughout the world. A prodigy who could play at age three and was beginning to compose by age five, Mozart performed in all the major courts of Europe before he was ten years […]

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Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus is in summary about the ‘feckless’ artistic genius of Mozart

Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus is in summary about the ‘feckless’ artistic genius of Mozart pitted against the mediocrity of Antonio Salieri whose jealousy over Mozart’s success in the play lends itself to murder.

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