Pro-Democratic Movements in Iran

Over the past century Iran has experienced a number of dramatic changes in economics, politics, and social affairs. More so, the current struggle for democracy in Iran is rooted in a century of pro-democratic aspirations characterized by struggle, defeat, sacrifice, democratic learning, intellectual transformation, and political experience. The struggle has followed an oscillating pattern whereby […]

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Church Planting Movements

The book, Church Planting Movements, vividly portrays current changes and new directions in religious sphere around the world. Emphasis on the revelation of God in history affirms the importance of the processes of historical transmission. Mankind does not conceive an idea simultaneously. Even religions such as the Hindu, which stress God’s immediate presence in every […]

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The effects of Nationalist movements

The effects of Nationalist movements against Colonisation in the Pacific was immense and was at its peak from the beginning of the 1900’s towards the end of the century. It marked the end of Colonialism in the region and the rise of new nations self-governed by the native people. Thus, it was a sacrifice and […]

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African American Religion

Due to slavery, many Africans were taken to the different parts of the world, carrying their diverse cultural and religious believes and practices. Before the onset of slavery, there were new religious practices that had been introduced in Africa, which meant that Africans had incorporated most of the new religious groups in their traditional ways […]

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