Mountain Walking in the Andes

Assignment title: To write a first person narrative and description account of a holiday based on personal experience (give own title). Dear Pinyot, I couldnt believe that I won the competition! And I was given a chance to travel to any of the destinations they mentioned as tracking rare mountain for gorillas in Uganda, bush […]

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Free Essays: Hamlet and Go Tell it on the Mountain

Hamlet essaysHamlet and Go Tell it on the Mountain Claudius and Gabriel are very similar, as they are very different people. Claudius and Gabriel share the characteristic that both regret what they do. Gabriel doesn’t actually get down on his knees and pray like Claudius does, the reader could tell though, that Gabriel is having […]

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Green Mountain Resort

Question A Gunter, a manager of Green Mountain Resort, made several assumptions about the cause of employee turnover in the organization. One assumption was based on the fact that the resort is situated in a beautiful rural county, which is the poorest in the state (Purdue University, 2013). Consequently, remuneration was lower and the fact […]

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Rocky Mountains Your Name Goes Here

Rocky Mountains are the major mountain system of west north America and easternmost belt of the North American cordillera, extending more than 3,000 mi (4,800 km) from central New Mexico to NW Alaska; Mount Elbert (14,431 ft/4,399 m) in Colorado is the highest peak. The Rockies are located between the Great Plains on the east […]

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Where Is Appalachia

When the exact location of Appalachia is considered, there are many different opinions. Some would say that Appalachia is an attitude rather than a geographic location, while others argue that Appalachia is a location, running the same path as the Appalachian Mountains. Others even argue that things such as coal, music, or the attitudes of […]

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Green Mountain Camp

Nick and Carol Randall had a dream for themselves and their two sons: to live at summer camp, re-creating their own memories of swimming in a lake, hiking the mountains, and laughing around the campfire every evening. So, when Green Mountain Camp in Vermont went up for sale, they scraped together their savings and bought […]

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A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

This is an awarded Pulitzer Price novel about stories of Vietnam immigrants to the United States.  In order to study this, it is important to start with the background of its author, Robert Olen Butler, Jr.  He was born in “January 20, 1945 in Granite City, Illinois.”  He studied and “majored in theatre” and got […]

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