Monologue on Havisham

I seriously can’t believe what has happened after everything we’ve been through, you do this to me!. All these years I thought you were wonderful but you had to wreck it all and shatter all the dreams. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to cry, but all I end up is doing […]

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How does Alan Bennett sustain the audience’s interest

In the Outside dog, Alan Bennett uses the character of Marjory to narrate, but we are also shown how in denial she has become during a long and unfair relationship with her husband, or rather her husband and his dog – Stuart and Tina. We feel sympathy towards Marjory but are curious as to why […]

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Talking Heads monologue

The two monologues I am going to be writing about are two elderly women who are lonely and trapped in their own homes. I will be talking about how Doris, one lady from ‘Cream cracker under the settee’ and Irene, the other lady in ‘Lady of letters’ are suffering from loneliness. Doris and Irene both […]

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Talking Heads

‘Talking heads’ are a set of monologues, written by Alan Bennett. They show us different characters that each have a certain problem. All of Bennett’s characters have an obsession, for example Leslie is obsesses with herself and status ” I was a sophisticated woman”, Irene Ruddock is obsessed with writing letters and spying on her […]

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Her big chance

Talking heads is a collection of monologues, which were written by the BBC in 1987. When they were recorded they starred some of the best and well-known actress in Britain like Maggie Smith, Patricia Routledge, Stephanie Cole, and Thora Hird. A monologue is a speech or talk made by one person to the audience. Julie […]

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The Interrogation Monologue

We worked in a variety of groups to build the context of the drama through improvisation. The theme of the project was being trapped or alone in isolation and as students, we had to unravel the plot. We used skills such as monologues, freeze frames, flash-forwards and flashbacks, and non-naturalism to explore the background and […]

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Her Big Chance

In this essay I will examine Alan Bennett’s monologue ‘Her Big Chance’. This monologue is part of the ‘talking heads’ series which he wrote in 1987 for the television. I will examine how the monologue works as a drama and I will explore its main themes and I will find out the way Lesley acts […]

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Еhe origins and characteristics of the dramatic monologue

A soliloquy is the act of talking to oneself, silently or aloud in drama. It is a convention. Playwrights use this device as a convenient way to convey to the audience information about a character’s thoughts, motives, and state of mind. Shakespeare was a great user of the soliloquy, the best known of his being […]

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Is the dramatic monologue a powerful or a limited mode of expression

Different styles of expression whether through play or poetry, are only determined of being powerful or limited if the expression itself is able to convey its specific message. This message is usually the different aspects of the expression; regardless of whether it being the characters, plot, theme, and/or setting. With this in thought, should the […]

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Abigails Conscience: The Crucible Monologue

I can’t believe all of this has happened. I feel so guilty, but I don’t really care, I know I’m more important than any of those old people. Besides, John Proctor deserved it! How dare he use me just because he was lonely and having marital problems! I had all the rights to destroy his […]

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