Analysis of money, love and aspirations in The Great Gatsby

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald entered the history of the world literature with his talent to depict American life of 1920s. However, the most significant place among his brilliant novels occupies The Great Gatsby – the lively and intriguing story about the “way up” of a man. Unfortunately, he candidly believed that reaching the heights of […]

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“The End of Money” by David Wolman

The title of the book by David Wolman, “The End of Money”, should not be accepted literally, as it mostly refers to the end of cash: Banknotes and coins. The author refers to the incident which happened in Ireland in the beginning of May, 1970, when during over half a year the bank system was […]

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Analyze the financial aspects of Creative using financial theories

1. Objectives The objective of this project is to analyze the financial aspects of Creative using financial theories. The financial theories will be applied to find out the problems and/or weaknesses the company faces in their financial statement. Lastly, recommendations will be introduced from the data collected. 2. Method of Investigation By using the financial […]

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The key indicators of the macroeconomic environment

Whilst the majority of producers and consumers make choices that shape up the economy, it is the government’s actions that influence policies and it is the policies that endeavour to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. The government’s manipulation of policies leads to the topic of macroeconomics where it is concerned with the economy as […]

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o what extent do you believe non-financial factors contribute to the success of any investment decision a business makes

Businesses make a variety of decisions everyday ranging throughout each part of the firm, such as how much stock to order, to whether or not to employ extra staff. Decision making is an integral part of the everyday business world. Managers will be making decisions throughout their working day, and the types of decision will […]

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How would you refute the claim that Raskolnikov in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment murders for financial gain

Dostoyevsky is justifiably famous for his studies of the human mind. His powerful analytical style forms the backbone of his novels and his characters are undoubtedly deep individuals with a real scope for psychological exploration. In Crime and Punishment our central character, Raskolnikov, is given this treatment around the context of a murder. We comprehend […]

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What is buffer stock money

When trying to establish a Demand for Money (Md) function, there are two main -clearly interrelated- stages: first specifying its long-run specification and then its short-run form, behaviour and adjustment. The Buffer Stock Money (BSM) theory refers to the second stage of short run adjustment and was developed partly as a reaction to the disappointing […]

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Should money be given to the poor or should it be used for maintaining the places of pilgrimage

I think that money should be given to the poor people this is because Jesus helped the people in need. This is stated in the parable of the sheep and the goats and the rich young man. Another reference to back this up is “Love your neighbour” this means that you should help anyone in […]

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The French Revolution was due to financial problems

The French Revolution, which broke out in 1787, was perhaps the most violent upheaval in the western world due to the extensive participation of peasants and common people, not only the aristocracy. Even thought in other parts of Europe revolutionist movements were taking place, they were usually between aristocratic rulers and other privileged groups. Regarding […]

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The Euro

(a) With reference to the passage, examine the benefits of a strong pound against the euro to: (i) British consumers As a result of a strong Pound and a weaker Euro British consumers have benefited greatly. Britons travelling to Europe have found their value of money has increased, they have been experiencing ‘a formidable spending […]

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