Mobile Technology

Market Apples iPhone

The report is designed to comprehensively document the efforts to market Apple’s iPhone. It will analyze the international marketing environments, Political, Legal, Economic, Technological, Socio-Cultural, Geographical, Infrastructure, and Competitive. The global market mix will also be examined with regards to Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution Strategies. This report covers comprehensive research necessary for successful product […]

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PEST analysis of uk mobile network industry

This paper presents an investigation into the UK mobile phone network operator industry. The report examines the external and internal environment of the industry in order to ascertain how attractive in terms of competition and profitability, the industry is for business. Significant operating factors affecting the industry are identified and analysed. Using PEST an insight […]

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Motion Limited Blackberry phones

When researching a company for a business analysis report, a SWOT analysis is not the first and final step; it is important to figure in many other factors. One such, and very important, factor is financials. Even though much can be learned from the SWOT analysis, the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow are […]

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The case of Huawei Technologies

Leadership is not a science rather it is an art, a skill that can be developed. Previously it was thought that leaders are born and not made, leadership was considered as a gift, a magic that some people are born with and only those people can become successful and charismatic leaders, who can then develop […]

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MobilCom’s major shareholder

This has led them, their equipment vendors and key semiconductor solution providers to explore more-flexible paradigms in cellular network deployment and management. Items such as remote radio units, widespread fiber-based transport, processing server farms, tower-mounted power amplifiers and software-defined radio are all under investigation, as are efficiency-enhancing algorithms such as power amplifier linearization, adaptive antenna […]

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Impact of Mobile Technology

In selecting a case study to assess for my research, I was drawn to the topic of information overload, as it is something that I have struggled to cope with from time to time in my own daily work activities. More specifically, I often find myself spending a lot of my time tethered to any […]

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Cellular Mobile Subscribers

The entry of Warid and Telenor in 2005 resulted in significant changes in the market; one of them was market structure with respect to subscribers’ share. These two companies started attracting customers, which reduced the market share of the dominant player, Mobilink from 64 percent in June 2004 to 44 percent in March 2007. The […]

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System Engineering

The System Engineering is an information system that involves human, software and hardware elements. This is the first stage of an information system’s project to recognize the major needs for the whole system and then to recognize those parts of the system that are the fines implemented in its software. This phase produces a high-level […]

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The Influence of Mobile Technology on Indian Youth

As advanced mobile technology becomes more disappeared, the impacts on professional environments and on the personal lives of individual users continue to increase. The research was conducted over a month and online surveys were conducted all over the country. The research findings were not astonishing but rather stereotypical with statistics proving that women have higher […]

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Nanotechnology in Mobile Phones: Ubiquitous Computing

Mobile devices are a form of ubiquitous computing and are flooding our society. (Postal, 2009) Every year new and Improved phones are created and obsolete phones are recycled or destroyed. Monika has inspired to create a phone that has morph capabilities. With this new creation, cell phones can be used as watches, bracelets, data pads […]

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