The Long Struggle for Equality as Depicted in Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi

For many years various social and political systems denied thousands of people their rights. For instance, in early 20th century black Americans did not have the same rights and privileges that their white counterparts had. As a result, thousands of human right activists pounced in defense of equal rights. However, many human rights activists had […]

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Coming of Age in Mississippi Analysis

Released in the 1960s, the book Coming of Age in Mississippi presents Anne Moody’s lifetime experiences in the era of Jim Crow laws in the rural South. In the 1960s, African American civil activists had made tremendous successes and losses in equal measure as far as the civil rights war was considered. Here, it is […]

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“Coming of Age in Mississippi”

Prejudice is an evil in the society that traumatizes people and cause suffering of members of the society. The book Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody covers about nineteen years – from the time Anne is four years old until she becomes twenty three. The book is written from a personal experience; it […]

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Mississippi Burning

The movie “Mississippi Burning” is in one way or another based on real events. The plot in the movie is about the murder of three men in a small local town of Mississippi. Therefor Agent Rupert and agent Alan are sent to investigate the events in the little town. Rupert and Alan ere very different […]

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