The Importance of Mining Industry

Word Count: 1744The importance of mining is definitely significant to Canada. Mining, is an important industry, and Canadians are very advanced in their mining technology, but during the mining process, there is certain level of pollution produced. The Canadian government and the mining companies have very good plans and controls toward this problem, while ensuring […]

Environmental Issues of Coal Mining

The mining operations like drilling, blasting, extraction, transportation, crushing and other associated activities are carried out in underground and opencast mines. Mining operations damage the environment and ecology to an unacceptable degree, unless carefully planned and controlled. There is a need for balance between mining and environmental requirements. The various impacts of mining on environment […]

Human Resource Challenges with Qld Coal Mining Industry

1.Introduction The sudden boom in the resource sector worldwide due to energy demands from mature and emerging industrialized nations has led to numerous issues. From a Human Resource Management perspective, this quick expansion of the resource sector has led to labour shortage with both skilled and professional work force. The need for effectively managing labour […]

Morragh Mine

Shortly before the Morragh Mine blew up last June, an alarm went off in the surface control room, which warned of high methane levels underground. Twenty miners were killed in the explosion at the financially troubled mine. Since the mine did not know who was on shift at the time of the explosion, many wives […]

Pike River Mining Disaster

On the 19th of September 2010, what was to become known as the Pike River Mining Disaster began in the close proximity to the town of Greymouth. At an occupied mine of 31 miners and contractors, an initial explosion occurred in the West Coast Region of New Zealand’s South Island at approximately 3:44pm. Two were […]

Best Price Iron Ore Mining Process Spiral Equipment

Iron Ore Mining Process Spiral Equipment Among all machines used the mining, spiral chute concentrator can be considered as an economical machine used for the beneficiation of metal ores. The history of spiral chute concentrator could date back to 1977, when China invented this new-style equipment which is particularly adapted in the beneficiation for various […]

The Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

On August 5, 2010 the world watched as reports came in from Chile, a small copper mine caved-in leaving 33 mine workers trapped underground (Weik, 2010). Initial reports did not know if there were any survivors. It was 17 days before any contact was made with the trapped miners (Hughes, 2010). The family members and […]

Geology Lab Report: Gold Mine and Museum

Gold is the buzzword associated with some of the most amazing human migrations during the 19th century. The first major gold rush occurred in Dahlonega, GA. This town lies in the portion of the state that is in the Appalachian gold belt and was originally discovered by Benjamin Parks in 1828. It is estimated that […]

Social Flow Of Silver From The Mid-sixteenth Century

The colonization of the America’s by the Spanish and the extensive mining in Tokugawa, Japan produced most of the world’s silver from1500 to 1750. The requirement of paying domestic taxes and trade fees with silver in the Ming Dynasty accelerated the usage of silver. The amplified flow of silver between the mid-16th century to the […]

The mining boom that swept the west in the late 1800s

The earliest operation of mining of bog iron in Maine began in Newfield but was a small scale operation but it continued for a long period of time. During the mid 1880’s the other enterprises were near Lubac, that was a lead mine and Katahdin Iron Works. There was a mining boom from 1879 to […]

Mining Multiple-Level Association Rules in Large Databases

When mining multiple levels of data from large data sets, an efficient set of association rules should be in place. When examining multiple-level association rule mining, there must be multiple levels of extraction and efficient methods for multiple-level rule mining and a top down deepening method based on the Apriori principle. This principle holds that […]

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