U.S. Government / Microsoft: Antitrust

Ted LowryPolitical Science 101Nathan HicksMarch 02, 1998 U.S. vs. Slick Willy The economic system of the United States is modeled after the theory of capitalism. Capitalism supports free enterprise – private business operating without government regulation (Janda 22). The United States does regulate private businesses. Sometimes special circumstances arise which threaten to weaken the overall […]

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Microsoft Corporation This document provides complementary or late-breaking information to supplement the Microsoft Windows 95 documentation. ———————— How to Use This Document ———————— To view FAQ.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window. To print FAQ.txt, open it in Notepad or another word processor, and then use the Print command on the File menu. […]

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Microsoft Operating Systems

There are many versions of operating systems, but the choice will depend on the intended purpose. The leading vendors, well-known worldwide in the production of operating systems, are – Microsoft Company, which produces Windows operating system, Mac OS X with its Apple operating system and the Unisys Corporation, which produces the Linux operating system. The […]

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Microsoft – service pack

Whether or not you love the Seattle based company, every PC user should be grateful to Microsoft. They were not only the first to come up with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) but they were also pretty good at implementing it. Though Harvard drop-out Bill Gates was successful in attracting some attention with Microsoft Disk […]

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Hardware and software

I prefer using Microsoft Access to produce a database for this particular requirement rather than producing a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel because it’s very difficult to use with a massive amount of formulae and codes. I think that Microsoft Access is more simple and easy to use because I have produced a database Access before […]

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Microsoft Office and Literacy Program

Last February 2013 we conducted a project for our Project Management class. It is performed at Dumuclay Elementary School (DES) at Dumuclay, Batangas. We think for the name of our organization and we agreed to call it CYBER (Conquering the Youth to Become Electronically literate Rangers). Before the literacy program we do conducted a meeting […]

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Accounting Information Systems

With the changes in businesses becoming more global and consumers buying online in greater numbers, the rapid and accurate flow of information is vital to accountants. This is where AIS or Accounting Information Systems come in, this practice was originally handled “in house” by most businesses, but as technology changed and businesses became more web-based, […]

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Proposal for Microsoft Office

Party Plates Company has been growing consistently for the past few years. The increase in sales volume and customers has everyone in the corporate office struggling to maintain current customer information, sales trends, and customer orders. Our system of tracking all this data has been the use of Microsoft Excel. Although it is a vast […]

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Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP – US and Canada

Empower employees with familiar tools. Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP works like other Microsoft® products, so your employees and managers will adopt and leverage the solution quickly. Personalize user experience. Rolestailored access helps ensure that the right data is at your employees’ fingertips, while ensuring tight security for sensitive data. Fully integrate systems. Integrate […]

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Stakeholder’s Management

Recently, Microsoft is launching their “SensorMap” project that envisions of them being able to publish and query real-time data over geo-centric web interfaces that would give the data owners ease of publishing their data as well as providing application that is compatible web solutions and present a solution that is capable of giving useful primitives […]

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