Demon Under the Microscope

The book starts off with a scary scene in a general hospital in Hawaii with lots of vehicles coming in with patients from the Perl harbor, it mentions the types of vehicle ; military trucks, ambulances, and private cars. Men with serious injuries either badly wounded, burned in oils or fractured borne were scattered all […]

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Mitosis and the Microscope

Mitosis is defined as the process by which the nucleus and the cytoplasm in the cell divide itself. Types of mitosisAccording to Baileys (2005), this is the stage that refers to all the stages within the cell other than mitosis. It is during this stage that cell double up in numbers to allow the synthesis […]

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The Compound Light Microscope

The familiar compound light microscope is a series of lenses (hence “compound”) that focus visible light in such a way as to produce a magnified image. A single lens, often called a magnifying glass, cannot generally magnify images as much as a series of lenses although Antony van Leeuwenhoek, the first microbiologist, used a simple, […]

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Descriptive essay on an important equipment

This paper seeks to give a vivid description of a microscope as important laboratory equipment. According to Tim McCreigh, (2005, p. 35), this instrument was invented by Anton van Leeuwenhoek as an instrument which uses visible light and magnifying lenses to examine small objects which are not visible to the naked eye. This equipment has […]

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