Microbial Metabolism

Introduction Microorganisms are very important to human life in not only sustaining life but also improving the health of the whole community. Fermented foods arise due to the relationship of human beings to the environment of microorganisms (Doelle, 2007). Bacteria and yeasts help in production of cheese, yogurt, bread and beer among others. These foods […]

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Effect of Triazophos Insecticide on Metabolites and Enzymes of Protein and Carbohydrate Metabolism

The effect of triazophos insecticide on certain metabolites and enzymes of protein and carbohydrate metabolism was evaluated in liver and muscle tissues of the freshwater fish, Channa punctatus during exposed to sublethal concentration (0.006 ppm) of triazophos for 24h, 48h, 72h and 96h exposure periods. The harmful toxic effect of this chemical is investigated by […]

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Homeostasis is vital for the maintenance of healthy functioning of the body. It is important the body keeps to a narrow range of variables, and without it , chemical reactions and metabolic processes within the body cannot be carried out properly, which can cause disease and complications. If the body cannot maintain its temperature, this […]

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Metabolic Disease

What is metabolic disease? Metabolic Disease or syndrome can strike anytime in a person’s lifetime from the very young to the very old and it has even been reported to affect animals. The disease itself takes on many forms and doesn’t affect each person the same way. Treatments vary according to each individual’s symptoms. Now […]

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Joyas Voladoras

Consider the hummingbird for a long moment. A hummingbird’s heart beats ten times a second. A hummingbird’s heart is the size of a pencil eraser. A hummingbird’s heart is a lot of the hummingbird. Joyas volardores, flying jewels, the first white explorers in the Americas called them, and the white men had never seen such […]

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