Subliminial messages

“People are exposed to some subliminal stimuli at all times throughout life” (Koponen, 97). A subliminal message is an insufficiently intense message used to produce a discrete sensation by influencing one’s mental process or behavior. “Subliminal stimuli range from those just below threshold to those that are infinitely weak” (Koponen, 97). The theory that human […]

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Negative messages

A common misconception most people have is that a negative message and a conflict are the same thing. This is not always true. Delivering negative messages is an unavoidable task while conflict can be avoided. Conflict can be a result of a negative message, if the message is not conveyed in the appropriate manner. According […]

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Advantages It To Consumers Perception Of Persuasive

People in general and consumers in particular are very naïve. They accept things without questions and trust too easily. There are also people who would argue and have very strong opinions and would to their best that they are correct and others are not. People can also be obstinate who stand by only what they […]

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