Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice

Appearance plays a considerable part in people’s everyday lives. It influences how one is perceived by the people around them, thus possibly hindering their interactions with others. This has shown to be an issue throughout history. In the play The Merchant of Venice, written by William Shakespeare the issue of judging by appearance is very […]

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Women in disguise in Merchant of Venice

One of the main concerns of many Shakespearean scholars is that of the role of women and issues of gender which are explored in a number of his texts. Numerous questions are raised when exploring Shakespeare’s heroines, for example: why has he chosen a female protagonist, given that he is writing in a predominantly patriarchal […]

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The merchant of Venice

The merchant of Venice is the most convincing play related to racism in nowadays. William Shakespeare – the most famous writer in the world, originally wrote this play. This play is about love, power and honour and it has been presented between the two wars. The play was thought as a comedy to most Christian; […]

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