Mental health

A Life Destroyer Schizophrenia is one of the most common serious psychiatric illnesses. It affects one percent of the general population. This is a socially and financially devastating disease that robs people of their most productive years of life. Schizophrenia still continues to be one of the most complex, puzzling and disabling of the major […]

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How might the relationship between depression

Depression is a universally recognized mental disorder that affects about 15 per cent of the population of the most developed countries according to the World Health Organization1. Women are two or three times more like to suffer depression than men2 which is an interesting fact as this was not the case many years ago. Research […]

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The Working Memory Model proposed a new way of interpreting the processing of information in STM

The working memory model provides and alternative to the Multi Storm model. The MS Model provides a very simplistic view of STM where as the WM model provides a more complex view of the memory store. It contains a number of components and sub systems, which form specialist tasks in STM including Reasoning, Learning, Comprehension, […]

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Mental Health Nursing

The objective of this assignment is to critically evaluate the following research article: Bowes, S., Lowes, L., Warner, J. , & Gregory, J. W. (2009). Chronic sorrow in parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 65 (5), pp. 992-1000 (Appendix 1). For the purpose of this essay, the Critical Appraisal Skills […]

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Mental health illness

Concept of mental health illness among Pentecostals has led to widespread problem whereby persons and families concern are left worse off. In my course Theology and counselling I have come to learn that there is a thin line between mental health and mental illness. Many definitions to mental health and mental illness has emerge over […]

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Interpersonal Skills to build a therapeutic relationship in mental health nursing

In mental health nursing, effective communication and excellent interpersonal skills is the backbone of all aspects of patient care (Bach and Grant, 2010, p9; Dougherty and Lister, 2008, p54). The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2011, p2-4) recognise that communication is a part of clinical excellence, stating that interpersonal skills, the way professions practice […]

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What is Mental Health

Mental health is everyone’s business. We all have times when we feel down, stressed or frightened, but for most of us those feelings pass with time. Unfortunately sometimes they develop into a more serious problem and that could happen to any one of us.This assignment looks at mental health and mental illness. It defines the […]

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Ethical principles in Mental Health Nursing

This assignment will explain the principle of autonomy and its effect on the professional practise, of nursing. It will also show an example of how the principle has influenced the delivery of care, and will summarise with an understanding of the principle of autonomy. It will focus on the method of care given by both […]

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Tuning In to Direct Contact with Service User

D is a 27-year-old woman with a diagnosis of panic attacks. She has recently given birth to a baby girl. She also has a history of alcohol misuse though denies any alcohol intake since she found out she was pregnant. She is described as having frequent panic attacks since the birth of her daughter 10 […]

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Interprofessional working in mental health

This assignment aims to critically analyse the working relationship between mental health and social care professionals. It is argued barriers exist between these two key providers of services that prevent service users receiving the best care. (Milburn A 2000). This working relationship can be defined as inter-professional working and this assignment will examine what these […]

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Mental Health Assignment

The aim of this assignment is to identify who is at risk from depression, what reasons individuals become depressed and treatment options available. I will then identify how depression impacts on family members and others affected by it. Treatment options for depression will also be discussed. More than 31 million prescriptions for anti-depressant drugs were […]

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Mental health Services

In 1997 when the current Government was elected into power one of their aims was to tackle the inequalities that existed within health and social care. Since then we have seen the publication of many policy documents which planned the way forward for health care, particularly in the way that care is delivered. Modern and […]

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How With The Need To Protect

This paper will look at the 1983 Mental Health Act; it will consider the compulsory detention of patients and the lawfulness of such detention under the European Human Rights Act, and look at recent proposals for compulsory treatment in the community. The 1983 Act is an old and long piece of legislation. It is in […]

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Poverty and Discrimination

Although the terms ‘prejudice’ and ‘discrimination’ appear to share the same generic meaning, there are subtle differences between the two. The Oxford Dictionary defines prejudice as ‘a preconceived opinion, bias or partiality,’ whereas discrimination is termed as ‘unfavourable treatment based on prejudice. ‘ (Fowler et al 1998) It could be said that although prejudice is […]

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Mental Health Example #2

‘Mistreatment and oppression is the common lot of people in our societies who are labelled as having emotional problems or acting irrationally. The threat of being called crazy is used in the oppression of every group in the population. The oppression of some people in the name of mental health functions as a threat to […]

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Types and causes of mental health illness

Mental health is often described in a negative way; there are many reasons as to why mental health may occur and how it affects the person. Aspects of mental health are in relation to self acceptance-this is an extremely important feature, when a person has low self esteem, depression and anxiety, mental illness can arise. […]

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Discuss the characteristics and causes of one type of challenging behaviour

ADHD is a common disease which is also known as ‘Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’, it is when a user craves attention and decides to act up on it for example having random outbursts in a public area. Users who suffer from ADHD will normally get noticed at a young age because the parents would realise […]

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Reductive physicalist accounts of the mind fail to fully explain the nature of mental states

Reductive Physicalist attempt to fully reduce the mind into a physical brain – the ‘internal content’ of the mind being fully explicable in terms of physical properties. By nature of mental states, we mean such arguments and theories as privacy of the mental, qualia, intentionality and mental physical causation. As we will see, all such […]

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Assess the claim that mental states cannot be reduced to physical states

By mental states we are referring to ideas, beliefs, emotions and the like. By physical states, we are referring to neuron interaction and connections. Substance Dualists claim that we have a separate mind and brain, where as reductive physicalists state that there is no mind as such – only a brain and brain states. As […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In small groups we were given a choice of stimuli such as poems, pictures and ideas. Our group chose the idea of ‘chaos and order’ as our stimulus because we thought that there would be many ideas to develop from this. We spent a lot of time discussing the idea of ‘order and chaos’ – […]

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Test anxiety causes university students to underperform in their examinations

The essay is in the left column. In the right hand column there are short notes Indicating the various academic writing skills present In the essay. Essay I Comment I This essay examines the relationship between test anxiety In university students and their performance in examinations. Typically universities use examinations to test part or even […]

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Optimism and Its Effects on Mental and Physical Health

The article I chose supports the idea that optimism does play a great role in our mental health as well as our physical health. Optimism is said to have a great effect on mental health, especially the association between optimism and the presence of mood and depressive disorders. It has been found that the more […]

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