Why is media buying stagnating?

India should have been the seat of the best media work in the world, but it is not. A look at why media buying is still a miniscule business here and what stymies its growth The corporate world is abuzz about its services, and the business is growing at a breakneck speed, yet, in India, […]

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Media agencies come of age

Advertisers now position media agencies upstream from creative agencies Remember Surf’s Lalitaji campaign or the Liril girl campaign? These were two of the landmark campaigns in Indian advertising history, which till date have top-of-the-mind recall. Lintas (now Lowe) was the advertising agency that conceptualised and executed both campaigns. They did the creative and the copy. They […]

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Role of media vehicles

In a media plan, each media vehicle has a significance and a role to play. Having the right mix of vehicles ensures meeting the objective of the campaign right. Each medium used for advertising has a role to play. As Paulomi Dhawan, vice president, media and corporate communications, Raymond, puts it, “If print generates awareness […]

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Motorsport and Society

Mass media is the term for the broad range of ways information can be accessed and distributed. Classically media is considered to be newspapers, magazines, television and radio. With the ever presence of the internet, the term mass media now encompasses the new media which can be defined as: “Products and services that provide information […]

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Private and public media systems

Today’s media has infiltrated into many aspects of society. It acts as a powerful tool in shaping public opinion and belief. From the latest breaking news to the latest political scandal, the media presents the public with information and reports around the clock. The means by which this information is presented, and by whom, largely […]

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The Future of Growing Media for Herbaceous and Short Term Seasonal Pot Plants

1.0 Introduction A lot of nursery growers nowadays are looking for cheaper, less labour intensive and more reliable growing media than outdoors in disease infested soil. There is also a growing amount of pressure from consumers to grow the crops in environmentally friendly media. This report is going to look at the different types of growing […]

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The Labour Party

In today’s modern society, the collective media are increasingly combining their resources to enable their content to be consumed through various means. This constantly increasing convergence has provoked limitless discussion, which has brought to light numerous benefits and drawbacks of, and has become the essential characteristic of, today’s “New Media”. This term, “New Media” can […]

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In what ways has technology expanded or limited the acquisition of knowledge

Since the beginning of time, humans have been developing their ways of living to make it easier, more enjoyable and more entertaining. We can see a difference between the way that we live now in the twentieth century, and the way that we lived back in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Today, we enjoy aspects […]

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Religion and the Media

The media is a form of communication to large audiences; Mass media. The biggest form of media is TV, but there countless different types of media: * Radio * Film and video * Print (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc.) * Photography * Electronic (E-mail, the Web, etc.) The media is quite new in some aspects […]

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British television screens

Since the 1950s, soap operas have appeared on British television screens. During the mid-1950s, soap operas dominated late morning and early afternoon weekend television programming. When soap operas first began, they were usually based on middle-class families living in small towns, showing how good always triumphed. By the 1970s, soap operas had undergone a revolution. […]

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