The Medea

Human beings are the determiners of their own fate and misfortunes. In this drama, “The Medea” love is defined as a passionate feeling that exists in both pure and wild forms by which men are destroyed, controlled or distressed. On the other hand, marriage is brought out as an institution that was fully managed by […]

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Do you think that Euripides intended us to sympathise with Medea

Euripides has a reputation for not like women, so we would expect there to be a great deal of scorn and an unsympathetic depiction of Medea coming from Euripidies. I have four parts to the way that my sympathies turn in Medea. Firstly I am sympathetic, then when we find Medea very scheming and plotting […]

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Show by what stages Medea’s plan for revenge develops

Throughout the chapters we have read, it seems that Medea has ever-changing plans in mind. She hasn’t seemed to stick to one plan yet, and is probably hesitant or maybe unwilling to carry it off. The questions arises as to whether or not these plans are empty threats, or whether she really intends to put […]

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