Meaning of life

English Study Guide 9-12th Grade

Style – To take or set forth the meaning ofa (Word, Phrase, Etc) * Inference – The act or process of interfering * Suspense – A state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome * Form – External appearance of clearly defined area, as distinguished from color and […]

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Mortiz Schlick: the Meaning of Life in Play

I do not agree with Schlick’s contention that the meaning of life is grounded in the act of play and not work. I disagree for three main reasons. First, I find Schlicks account of forgetting the purpose of activities to be somewhat flawed. He demonstrates how the purpose of an activity does not yield meaning […]

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Meaning of life

The debate on the meaning of life is one of the most prominent topics in a rational discourse from ancient time up to this contemporary period. There are several hypotheses stating that the meaning of life is equivalent to the realization of one’s own purpose. On the other hand, there are assumptions claiming that life […]

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A Meaningful Existence

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl attempts to write a “detached psychological account” of his experience as a Nazi concentration camp prisoner and answer the question: “How was everyday life in a concentration camp reflected in the mind of the average prisoner” (Frankl 3). Initially, Frankl’s descriptions are psychological in nature, however he makes […]

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Meaning of Life and Closest Friend

I remember back in the days when we were still college students, she seems to never believe in her fate and keeps attempting to avoid it. Her name is Moira, my closest friend – who knows how to narrate humors, who has never submitted to fate; who knows me well and taught me the meaning […]

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My Experience with Love

People say that hate is a strong word, but so is love and it gets thrown around like it is nothing. Before you let go, remember the reason why you were hanging on. You are never really living until you found something to die for, I am at this stage in my life where I […]

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If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind

Day is followed by night and night by day. Similarly, in life every period of sorrow and despair has at last to come to end. It is followed by a period of peace, comfort and joy. We must have a firm belief in the goodness of things and have a strong self-confidence. There is no […]

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Facing West from California’s Shores: An Analysis

At face value, the poem depicts the American journey which takes them all the way to California’s shores, which is as far west as they can go. On a deeper level, the poem depicts the human lifespan. I, a child, very old… the circle almost circled (Whitman 3-4). Line three and four invite readers to […]

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Life Is a Battle

Life is a battle. No matter how tough or easy a person’s life is there is always a battle with life. Many times people feel the whole world is against them. There may be a lot of stress and internal conflict within everyone’s battle. The reality is when the war is won; there eventually is […]

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Meaning of Life and Ambition

“If you faithfully work eight hours a day, then you might become a boss and get to work 12 hours a day!” , said by Robert Foster. Ambition is a passion that never fails you and will never let you fail it. Being a person that was highly interested in the science field and also […]

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