Article VIII What does it really mean

Article VIII: What Does It Really Mean? required, nor excessive fines imposed, Excessive bail was borrowed with a few slight changes from the English Bill of Rights Act. The concept of bail in both England and in the United States was never thought as right to bail in all cases, but to provide that bail […]

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Fair Mean Lodge, Epping Forest

The poem by Baillie Joan’s Fair Mean Lodge, Epping Forest is classical narrative that seeks to promote environmental theme its narration of the various forest scenery descriptions. In order for Baillie to successfully reach her reader she employs several figurative elements of speech and other critical stylistic devices in a bid to fulfill the potential […]

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What Does Marriage Really Mean to a Woman?

“Lady, why do you have to get married?” Many people consider this a pointless, nay, silly question to ask of women – especially educated, successful working women.

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