Components and materials of rocket engine

Rocket engine are built to work either with liquid of solid propellants or even a mixture of the two, hybrid propulsion systems like the one used in SpaceShips. Liquid rocket engines are subdivided into mono-propellant and bi-propellant. The first works either as a system of cold gas or catalyst for propellant’s exothermal decomposition. Typical bi-propellant […]

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Developing Instructional Strategies and Materials

The trainer will assure the students that there will be enough time to learn, discuss and ask questions. The trainer will focus more on interactive mode of teaching to let proper participation of all students and offer support to slow learners. The trainer will let the student understand the importance of good performance in this […]

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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials incidents pose a serious threat to people and the environment. Rapid industrial development, new technologies and the discovery of new chemical, biological, and nuclear agents create a new safety challenge and require that individuals, organizations, and industrial facility workers be prepared to respond to the major human and property losses.

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