Martial arts

Kung Fu: History and Basic Principles

Frenchman name Jean Joseph Marie Amiot was the first person who coined this term – martial arts. According to the reference of China’s martial art Jean Joseph Marie Amiot was just a missionary of 18th century. The other names of this art are Kuoshu, Gongfu, and Wushu. The basic concept of this martial art is […]

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How to Choose a Martial Art

Self-defense is connoted as the measure, which helps in protecting oneself from any physical harm from the opponent. Martial art is a form of self defense which is mainly used for combating. Before choosing any form of this art, a few points should be kept in mind Firstly, what is the objective of learning-for health […]

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Beating Stress with Martial Arts

Mind is the controller of all bodily activities. So updating the mind becomes necessary in everybody’s life. Some easy but little bit complex techniques are very useful keeping the mind up to date and stress free. Beating stress with marital arts are some peculiar techniques done to make the mind more active and alert. The […]

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Tae Kwon Do & Kickboxing Schools

I started training when I was fourteen. For a girl, it’s a strange age to take up something like that, especially alone. When I started, I had very little confidence in myself, so the concept of entering a room, filled with people I didn’t know, all of whom seemed so confident, so skilled. Still, there […]

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Taekwondo Is a martial art that originates from Korea. It is a combination of combat techniques, sports, exercise, self defense and some meditation and philosophy too. It can be categorized into traditional and sport taekwondo. Taekwondo was first brought to Malaysia in 1963 as sport taekwondo by General Choi Hong Hi which is then become […]

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Mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts has not been given the respect that it has worked so hard for and deserves. MMA is the fastest growing sport not only in the US but the UK, but in many other countries as well. It has been held back though by the people who criticize the sport and its athletes […]

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