Is Marketing Management an Artistic Exercise or a Scientific

Marketers need to be creative and Imaginative as well as capable in making scientific and mathematical approaches to analyses data and utilities hem effectively to achieve the organization’s objectives. This paper addresses the importance of both aspects and where a scientific approach or an artistic approach is required, Sergei Cayman, marketing vice president of Coca-Cola […]

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Marketing and Small Relative Market

For the Normal market, the company should maintain or increase its investment, as it represents a big slice of their sales (18,44%), and, if they disinvest, there could be a decrease in sales of this category, thus perhaps losing their position as the second biggest in the market (31 On the other hand, since the […]

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Marketing And Selling

That means reading their digital footprint and understanding their online chatter as much as it does focus group discussions. Marketing looks for new metrics about consumer clusters and grouping. Online groups are markets of the near future as more and more people cocoon themselves and shop less. 7) Marketing should not promote special prices and […]

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Marketing and Bop

As a Junior member of your company’s committee to explore new markets, you have received a memo from the chairperson telling you to be prepared at the next meeting to discuss key questions that need to be addressed if the company decides to look further into the possibility of marketing to the BOP segment. The […]

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Market Study Marketing Kraft

The present geographical dispersion of these two products Ore are from Indonesia and the Tang product is from Thailand. The Tang and Ore are supplied by the best available resources that the Kraft could gather with Its firm company that’s been proven through the years of expertise and experience of the worlds best food people. […]

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Global marketing in firm

Global marketing in the firm l. Introduction to globalization Globalization: reflects the trend of firms buying, developing producing and selling products and service in most countries and regions of the world. Benefits for the firm which do an international expansion: New and potentially more profitable markets Increase the firm’s competitiveness Facilitates access to new product […]

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Modifying Marketing Strategy for Different World Markets

As a number of writers Noon, Lotto-Sillies, Cox and Grimed 1997, Kathleen 1993, Johnson and Schools 2002) have pointed out, international marketing strategy is concerned with making important policy decisions affecting the Eng-time direction of the company. This paper first proposes the importance of international company’s marketing strategy, and then considers how to make a […]

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By 1994, America Online had reached the million- ember mark; by 1995, America Online became the largest provider of online services and began to put their foot in the international market door. The dream of entering international markets proved to be very difficult for the New Market Operations unit in AOL international. Originally, all of […]

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Smart Glasses Component and Technology Markets

Smart Glasses are spectacles embodying the wearable computing concept and either (1) allowing people to see better or (2) acting as an enabling technology for augmented reality (AR). Although currently at an early stage of development, smart glasses have been touted as the next stage of mobile communications – a platform that could eventually replace […]

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Changes in technology contributed

How have changes in technology contributed to the globalization of markets and production? Would the globalization of markets and production have been possible without technological changes? By Jack Technology enhances globalization. In past two decades, technology burst out like an explosion, definitely, the improvements of technology make our lives much more convenience. And, the advanced […]

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