Role of media vehicles

In a media plan, each media vehicle has a significance and a role to play. Having the right mix of vehicles ensures meeting the objective of the campaign right. Each medium used for advertising has a role to play. As Paulomi Dhawan, vice president, media and corporate communications, Raymond, puts it, “If print generates awareness […]

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Mackie’s of Scotland

As international marketing consultant of Mackie’s of Scotland, the ice cream maker, it is my duty to consider the possibilities of expanding the business into new overseas markets, successfully. The Scottish ice cream market will be researched thoroughly. The UK target market of Mackie’s will be analysed. Finally a suitable country will be chosen to […]

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Marketing Plan

The marketing mix is a marketing tool. It is a checklist. It focuses attention on the various elements of marketing needed to carry out the marketing strategy. It consists of four factors (product, price, promotion and place) cemented together by effective market research. I am going to use these factors to persuade people to use […]

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the structure, conduct and performance of the Whisky industry and make recommendations as to its future

Structure: Most of the distilleries in Scotland are registered as Scottish-owned companies, but in fact the majority of the turnover is dominated by few firms and is externally controlled by non-Scottish companies1. The major players are divided into two groups: multinational drink manufactures such as Diageo, Edrington, Fortune Brands and LVMH, who dominate 50% of […]

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Camborne Ices marketing mixes in Singapore

Camborne Ices was established by John and Evans in 1988. The company produces and sells a wide variety of premium quality organic ice creams throughout Singapore. Now, with an attracting to the developing of Vietnamese ice creams, Camborne plan to explore and expand into Vietnam. The purpose of this paper is discussing about the major […]

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Setting up and running a business

The coursework is an insight to the running of a small business. A product was chosen to be produced and sold at an annual trade fair, again this coursework follows the development on the task. Companies will be selling products, which have to made by hand and cannot be bought then re-sold. The trade fair […]

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Marketing audit

Viet power marketing communication corporation (abbreviate PMA) is founded in 2000 with two branches in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, PMA is one of the most famous companies in events management. PMA provide media Marketing effective and competitive solutions. Their slogan is “PMA is proud of being the element to the […]

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Subways plans for growth in the UK market a winner or will it just be sandwiched in

Subway is part of the of the newer healthier looking fast-food franchises which rather then offering the more unhealthy option of burgers and chips, are selling sandwiches to supply the market with its shift in demand from the old style on the food on the move to its new more heath conscious demands. Subway is […]

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Marketing strategies – Lucozade

The main purpose of this work is to identify the marketing strategy used by Lucozade to increase the demand for its products. Lucozade is an energy drink which contains glucose syrup and caffeine. This energy drink was produced by GlaxoSmithKline plc. The first Lucozade energy drink was manufactured in 1927 by a chemist in Newcastle. […]

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Marketing Research Proposal

For the following proposal the issue of alcohol sponsorship being the key financial, dominator within events, such as music festivals, which are a popular phenomenon with the under 30’s today, will be researched. The report will begin with a literature review which will help identify the key themes taken from secondary data sources. This will […]

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