Interview with the Manager

This is a face to face interview with the manager in his office. Manager: Good morning Johnson? Johnson: Good morning to you Boss. Manager: Thank you for showing up in time as scheduled in the appointment letter Iam happy to have you. Johnson: Thank you sir, it is such an honor to have let me […]

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Characteristics of Value Based Manager

The characteristics of a value centered and knowledge centered manager include: i. Trustworthiness ii. Cool under pressure/not tempered iii. Firm iv. Fair v. Follow through vi. Allows delegation vii. Experienced in all aspects of the job viii. Good communication and listening skills ix. Consistent x. Follow through Characteristics of a Value Based Manager 1.0 Value […]

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Appraising a Manager

Overview of the Organization Marine Corps Community Services facilitates the welfare of Marines and their families by providing them with goods and services. This organization supports the Marines by delivering different programs and facilities that are required in a day to day basis by both Marines and their families. These services include shopping facilities, childcare, […]

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Research Method For Manager

This qualitative study involving 40 middle managers from selected organization aid at identifying factors that facilitate or inhibit middle managers’ experience of uncertainty management during organizational change. According to Herzig, ; Jimmieson (2006) change is ever-present in today’s fast-paced organizations as market demands for new technologies introduction as well as the internal push for growth […]

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What Do Effective Real Managers Do

What Do Effective Real Managers Do? We used the relative strength of correlational relationship between the real managers’ effectiveness index and their directly observed day-to-day activities and found that communication and human resource management activities made by far the largest relative contribution to real managers’ effectiveness and that traditional management and especially – networking made […]

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The ability of a manager

The ability of a manager to adequately coordinate the available resources in an organization (i.e. finance, manpower, materials, and machineries) will go a long way to determine how effectively the organization’s set objectives and long term goals are realized. The manager of an organization stands as a leader who directs and spurs his subordinates towards […]

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Case Management

The person interviewed for this paper was Dixie Cochran, Case Manager with the Source Program. Ms. Cochran has been a Licenced Practical Nurse for eight years with a wide variety of experience in the nursing field. I chose to interview this person because of her experience in healthcare and I hope to be a Registered […]

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Organizational Theory and Behavior

The task of today’s manager has become doubly difficult because of increasing competition and the diversification of the American workplace. Because of these developments, in order to effective, a manager should possess the skills and the knowledge needed to motivate his or her subordinates not only for the purpose of achieving a high level of […]

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Steps In Human Resource Planning HRP Process

1. Review of Organisation’s Objectives The HRD Manager first studies the objectives of the organisation. Then he prepares a list of all the activities (jobs) that are required to achieve the objectives. He also does Job’s analysis. 2. Estimation of Manpower Requirements The HRD manager then estimates the manpower requirement of the organisation. That is, […]

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Complaint and Service Users

Duty of care in my own work role means that i am resposible for the welfare of myself and the service users i care for, to prevent accidents from happening and being responsible for other people’s well being. As senior on duty i have a duty of care to keep the service users i care […]

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