Conflict management definitions and views

The manager should understand the causes creating conflict, the outcome of conflict, and various ethos by which conflict can be managed in the organization. With this understanding, the manager should evolve an approach for resolving conflicts before their disruptive repercussions have an impact on productivity and creativity. Therefore, a manager should possess special skills to […]

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Indusrial relations and the management of flexibility

Labour flexibility has been heralded as ‘the way forward’ in the response to the challenges of the global economy in general and the European Union (EU) in particular (Baglioni, 1990; Casey et al, 1997). However, the EU comprises member states with different societies, institutional structures, cultural traditions and historical contexts, that give rise to both […]

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How does McDonalds attract its customers

McDonalds started with one restaurant in the US in 1955. Today McDonalds is the largest and best-known global foodservice retailer. With more than 32,000 restaurants in over 120 countries, their global market potential is enormous. I am going to investigate how McDonalds attracts its customers by marketing. I will research into the products McDonalds sells […]

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Recommendations for Rohit Singh, product manager for Zanlon

Rohit Singh, product manager for Zanlon in the Bulk Plastics Division of Polymer Industries, faced a dilemma. As Singh prepared his annual marketing plan for the coming year, he had to decide whether to recommend a price decrease or an increase, and whether to budget for significantly higher sales volume or only modest volume growth […]

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Customer Service & Relationship Management at Nordstorm

1.0 Learning Issues 1. What is “inverted pyramid?” Inverting the organization pyramid chart, the bottom level of the chart which is normally the front-liner become the top of the chart whereas the board of director which is initially at the top shift to the bottom. It means that the company is empowering the employees, moving […]

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Investigating Customer Service

Customer service is basically about the employees helping customers locate a lot of items in which they need; customer service will benefit an organisation by having effects of them going to it again and again, customer service plays a major part in an organisations profit.   The office of fair trading The Director-General of Fair […]

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Marketing Management With Entrepreneurship

The following report is “An Innovation and Creativity Audit” of Singer & Friedlander Commercial Finance Ltd. The aims of this investigation are to perform a successful assessment of innovation and creativity within the organisation and to record any recommendations for the future. Using the nine criteria that can be viewed in the contents page, the […]

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Management failure at Marks and Spencer

I. Introduction For over a century Marks and Spencer (M&S) has been regarded by many as a legendary retailing organisation. Both M&S’s management style and its individual leaders have been acknowledged as exemplars of ‘best practise’ (Mellahi et al, 2002). Peter Drucker (1974) described M;S as a ‘managerial giant in the western world’. Tse (1985) […]

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How the new or existing product/services enables the business to meet the need of actual and potential customers

Within this report I will produce a marketing report about Heinz baked beans. I will attempt to answer all the criteria and compare with other brands of baked beans such as Heinz and Nettos own brand baked beans. The company and their product The company I will be doing this report on is Heinz. Heinz […]

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The field of international HRM

In today’s society there is a growing influence of internationalisation on organisations, both large and small. There are increasing numbers of internationally operating organisations and internationally operating employees. Therefore the subject of International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is becoming evermore critical for more and more organisations. The field of IHRM can be look upon, as […]

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