Management Accounting, Roles and Innovations within Organizations

Introduction In today’s market, organizations manage to prosper and remain in the competitive environments of business through constant innovations. Management accounting has contributed a great deal in these innovations towards the organizations’ success. What is more, Steve Jobs once said that innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower. Additionally, change in today’s organization is inevitable […]

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Management Accounting and Analysis

Assessment of financial source The assessment of my financial budgetary planning was crucial in the first place in the process of making the budget for the last quarter of the year. As with most of the student in the universities and colleges, I only had limited sources of income. In the case of financial assessment, […]

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Roles of a Strategic Management Accountant

“Strategic Management Accounting is a form of management accounting in which emphasis is placed on information which relates to factors external to the firm, as well as non-financial information and internally generated information”, a thorough and simple definition by one of the leading Professors in International business, Ken Simmonds. Professionally, the undertakings of a strategic […]

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Cost volume profit analysis

The Cost-Volume-Profit(C-V-P) analysis is the analysis of the cost evolution models, which point out the relation between cost, production volume and profit. The C-V-P analysis is a useful forecasting as well as managerial control tool. This analysis technique expresses the relation between income, sales structure, costs, production volume and profits and includes break-even point analysis […]

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