How can Malnutrition be caused by social, economic, and cultural

Malnutrition is a condition where the diet is not balanced resulting with a deficiency disease. It happens worldwide but can be more common to developing countries, as economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions all have an influence A balanced diet involves sufficient amount of carbohydrates, lipids, fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals and water. Lack of […]

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Inspiring – College Essay

After listening to King’s speech, several points really stood out to me. Primarily, he used repetition to reinforce points to his audience. I believe this helped immensely in making the speech memorable and meaningful. Also impactful about the speech is the manner in which King delivers it. His voice projects passion and emotion, and he […]

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Child Malnutrition in Africa

Many children in Africa do not get enough food to eat. They do not grow well, they become ill, many of them lose their lives or do not grow up as they should. Felicity S.K and Ann B. say that a child who doesn’t get enough food to cover his nutrients needs is malnourished. Undernourished […]

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MSU Food Waste investigation Summary

People in varies places are facing challenges where they do not to have enough food to eat every day. They are in desperate need of food and receive no care for their needs. People in the world are starving and they get sick due to lack of nutrition. In contrast, people in America live an […]

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