Total productive maintenance analysis

Total productive maintenance, (TPM) is a philosophical concept of managing workshop equipment with the focus being on achievement of top quality service with optimal use of the equipment efficiency. In many industrial firms, maintenance is critical as it cutting down the expenses on to the lowest possible value. It is not a form of investment […]

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Maintenance and Development

In many organizations, the use of information technology for maintenance and development purposes is not well implemented. Unlike in the recruitment sector, technology use in this sector is immature. This can be associated with high level of ignorance among employees and also lack of sufficient training to handle newly developed technologies (Othman & Teh 2003 […]

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Airlines Maintenance Program

The new age aircraft is a massive sized transport vehicle getting strength from powerful jet engines which can keep the plane afloat for more than 24 hours at a stretch. These aircrafts are wonderful mix of technology, performance and worthiness which not only requires advanced production facilities but also best possible maintenance technology.

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An analysis of outsourcing of Airlines maintenance and its impact on Airlines safety

The aerospace maintenance Industry is one of the most, if not the most globally oriented markets in the world. In fact, only 40 percent of the materials used to build an airbus aircraft in US are manufactured within the country, and as much as 60 percent of all of the airplane parts manufactured in US […]

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