Evaluation of Magazine “Velo Sport”

I and my partner both produced a cycling magazine called “Velo Sport”. In this evaluation I will have to analyse many factors, which will be described in the essay. I will look at a lot points individually and consider the following factors; the masthead, the colours used, the house style, the main image, the logo, […]

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. When lifestyle/consumer magazines are designed this definition should be taken into consideration. It is my opinion that Harper’s Bazaar magazine has been aware of these strategies and has successfully mastered them. I chose this magazine not […]

The importance that magazines have for targeting their specific audiences

In this essay I will discuss the importance that magazines have for targeting their specific audiences. Magazines split audiences into different groups. These groups range from toddlers to the elderly and from male to female. The magazine cover is the most important way of letting the consumer know whether or not the magazines will be […]

Sugar magazine

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you regarding my concern about your magazine, ‘Sugar’. Firstly, I am a teenager, a girl. My name is Mary Kate and I am currently 14 years old. I was born in Newham, Britain. Thus, as a teenager, I have a very good understanding of what teenage girls […]

My Design for a Magazine Cover analysis

In my role as the editor I have produced a magazine called sussed, the process was completed by 24th of March 2008 and the magazine was made for year 9 student. I am writing to inform you of the design choices I have made and their appeal to year 9 students. By wisely agreeing to […]

Magazine Evaluation

The magazine I have made is a Gaming magazine for gamers, who play consoles such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, it contains game reviews, interviews, graphic comparisons, 5 star rating of games and much more. The target audience is males in the ages between 7 and 25 but it varies from each game […]

Media Studies: Magazine Evaluation

For my project, I was told by my employers, make and develop a new car magazine called Speed, I was given the status of director, so I ran the project, along with my colleague Humza Sharif. I chose to give the magazine the name speed because the name gives the audience an idea of what […]

Muscle and Fitness and Esquire

‘Muscle and Fitness’ and ‘Esquire’ are two magazines aimed at very different groups of people, however they are both intended for men. ‘Esquire’ is a magazine aimed at succeeders and ‘Muscle and Fitness’ is aimed at aspirers. These magazines are ideal for comparison because they have something in common; they both use Arnold Schwarzenegger as […]

The 2 different media that I have selected include newspaper and magazine namely the New York Times and Time Magazine

The AT & T advertisement on the Time Magazine offers a chance to win a Flat Panel TV through a sweepstake program, in case the individual signs up for a text alert service.  Although, the advertisement seems to be appealing to a section of the audience, I do not think it is a good advertisement […]

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