Looking for Alibrandi

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RITUALS, RULES, CULTURAL TRADITION ” illegitimacy isn’t a big deal any more!” (p35) Jacob: ” But what’s the big deal? Everyone has babies without being married these days. Everyone lives together and gets remarried.” Josie: “We live in the same country but we’re different. What’s taboo for Italians isn’t taboo for Australians.” (p152) ” A […]

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A Synopsis of the Movie Looking For Alibrandi

During life there are many events that we face which help us change our perspectives and gain wisdom. The Bildungsroman feature film Looking For Alibrandi, directed by Kate Woods and released in 1999, as well as the novel Looking For Alaska, written by John Green and published in March of 2005 both explore the transformation […]

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The spare room

Coming of age is the time where people change a lot and think a lot for their lives. During this period, people learn more about themselves, explore more responsibility and independence and accept their identity. It is true that we learn more when we come of age. On that basis the movie ‘Looking for Alibrandi’, […]

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Looking for Alibrandi: Multicultralism Vs Peer Pressure

Looking for Alibrandi {1992} is a novel written by Melina Marchetta, which presents to us the internal conflict that immigrant children face in a multicultural society. Throughout the novel Josephine Alibrandi struggles to find her personal and cultural identity, she is trying to find who she is. At school she experiences a feeling of being […]

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