Logistics case study

1. Introduction A small discussion about the type of the organization in which the researcher will be researching on. Logistics is the movement and supply of goods from one place to the other, to the final delivery of the finished product to companies and consumers and subsequent disposal. It includes the routing and the movement […]

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Ocean Spray Cranberries

1)What rationale is offered by Ocean Spray in support of the idea of using a 3PL? Do you agree with the reasons cited for the interest in 3PL? Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. offered several reasons for using a 3PL for their transportation and logistics area. They looked at the transportation within the logistics chain and […]

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Cross Docking

In logistics the Cross-docking corresponds to a type of order picking (one of the functions of warehouse logistics) without placing merchandise in stock (inventory) or picking operation (collection). Let’s move materials with different destinations or consolidate goods from different origins. Strictly cross-docking is done without any intermediate storage. Avoid storage operations to reduce the time […]

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Discuss the difference between a replenishment philosophy and a requirements philosophy

They are some difference between a replenishment philosophy and a requirements philosophy. The Inventory replenishment refers to the way an organization puts into place adequate procedures and methodologies to prevent shortages in its sales and production processes. Consistent stock deficits ultimately may generate losses, because production workers wouldn’t have the necessary resources to finish batches […]

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