Regeneration of Liverpool

European Capital of Culture is a designation to a city that is conferred to the city for a period of one year, when cultural events focusing mainly on the European cultural aspect are organised. During this period a city can gain important socio-economic, political as well as environmental benefits. Urban regeneration is also fostered highlighting […]

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Impacts of ECoC on Liverpool

The increase in importance of the knowledge of the economics as opposed to manufacturing of 19th century; Changing lifestyles especially within the middle class moving into the ever busy 24 hr. city-centre pleasure neighbourhoods; A noticeable increase in competition between the cities for the tourism industry, funding of the major cultural flagship projects (Jones et […]

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Assignment 2: Cultural Geography

This essay will first discuss the types imagery used in Steven Bayley’s article, such as images, language, architecture, poetry and art. I will furthermore explore how and why other types of imagery used to foster regeneration process of the city of Liverpool and finally asses the importance of imagery in our understanding of places. Since […]

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How effectively did Lord Liverpool deal with the radical challenge 1812-22

Radicalism from 1812-22 was a serious threat to Lord Liverpool’s government. However, due to draconian legislation and fiscal policies Liverpool was able to counter and contain the radical threat that proved to be a constant thorn in the side of a government fresh out of one of the biggest wars Europe had ever seen. The […]

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