The Gothic Elements in Literature

Gothic fiction is a genre of literature, which combines horror and romance, ugly and beautiful. The goal of the gothic literature is to terrify the reader, to make him experience more feelings. William Faulkner is considered to be one of the most famous writers, who used in his novels southern gothic style. In his novel […]

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Southern Land in Afro-American Literature

African-American literature is a significant part of American cultural heritage. Literary works which belong to writers of African origin are bright representatives of rich and vivid culture, based on oral tradition and full of mournful stories and sorrows of the enslaved nation. African American literature depicts life of Afro-American community in the United States of […]

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Reading Research Literature

This paper will evidently answer the set of questions pertaining to the two studies about cancerous patients and their respective diseases; the studies attempt to come up with better treatment strategies of the global epidemic. Various infected and affected parties were engaged to shed some light on the studies. Information was induced and deduced in […]

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Postcolonial Literature

This essay investigates the literature on postcolonial literature. Particularly, it describes trauma as an important aspect worth considering in any study to do with post colonial literature. Further, the essay puts into consideration ways in which the trauma theory may shape way the current generation of students study the literature of post colonial era. Essentially, […]

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Main Periods of English Literature

English literature is considered to be one of the richest literatures in the world. It is the literature of a great nation inhabiting an island in the west of Europe. It goes without saying that literature is the reflection of nation and society, so changes which have come about from the early to the modern […]

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Literature Theory Essay

Many poets produce good pieces of literary work either in form of poems or plays. Shakespeare, Greenberg and Schweickart are the most influential writers in the world history. This paper defines their poems and artistic styles, which they used in producing plays, poems or films. It majorly focuses on the topics of transformations of homosexuality […]

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Literature Themes

A theme refers to an aspect of a story that is regularly repeated throughout the story. It is mostly the moral lesson that underlies the story and can be identified by many people who read the story. Themes may vary from one story to another depending on the writer’s purpose and subliminal mission when writing […]

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Literature Review

Gilad, I., & Elnekave, M. (2006). Inserting cost effectiveness to the ergonomic equation when considering practical solutions. International Journal of Production Research, 44, 5415-5441. Work study techniques and ergonomics share a common interest as they seek to meet the operators’ capabilities. The main objective of both disciplines is to improve the efficiency of work. This […]

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Literature Essay

The knowledge in writing comparison essay, critical and analytical essays enables one to write literature essays without any difficulty because literature essays combines the basic techniques involved in the three types of essays mentioned. When checking a literature essay, tutors normally want to check whether you understand the author’s point of view and how you […]

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Individualism in British Romantic Literature

In the current historical reassessment of romanticism, individualism has rightly become a major area of scholarly and critical focus. One important question that has begun to press to the surface of critical discussion in the investigation of romanticism is whether the romantic imagination is essentially masculinist. In the current historical reassessment of romanticism, individualism has […]

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